Two animal movies

 We’re finally back to watching Disney movies!  It’s been way too long…  since the last update, we’ve actually been to Walt Disney World and to the Disney store in Chicago (no, that’s not an exciting place necessarily, but it fit with the Disney theme). 

The review for tonight is Dumbo.  This movie came out originally in 1941 and is actually a very short Disney movie compared to a lot of Disney’s animated movies at only 64 minutes!  Because of that, the story moves very fast – (spoiler alert) Dumbo arrives, he is shunned and ridiculed, he unknowingly drinks from a bucket where the clowns have dumped champagne, gets drunk, wakes up in a tree where he learns he can fly, and eventually becomes the star of the circus.  There are some very sad parts in this movie (Dumbo visiting his mom when she is locked up) as well as some almost scary parts (pink elephants on parade!). 

The crows in the tree reminded me of the crows from Jungle Book so I’m anxious to watch that movie in the future to see how close they are.  This was LooHoo’s favorite part of the movie because she thought it was funny when Dumbo was sitting in the tree. 

The story is good, but we didn’t find anything remarkable about it and probably would not put it on the top of either of our favorites lists. 

As that review was so short, I’ll go ahead and squeeze in our review of Bambi.  This one came out in 1942 and was actually surprising to us as we both thought that it ended when the Prince of the Forest tells Bambi that his mother is not coming back and he grows into a young buck.  However, there is still quite a bit of movie after that – Bambi fights with another buck to protect Faline and then has to escape a forest fire and fight off hunting dogs!  It’s no wonder he becomes the new Prince of the Forest by the end of the movie.  This is a good movie with memorable characters, but the storyline is easily forgotten.  Even now, I had to look up exactly what happened and LooHoo was wondering if we actually saw the end of the movie. 

So, again, definitely a Disney classic, but not in our top favorites lists.


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