The pool is warm!

Tonight, Doodle is off to church camp for the week; the rest of us had Culver’s butter burgers and fries for dinner – they had a $3 deal for their 11th anniversary.  Couldn’t pass it up!  Especially since K-Cat offered to buy! 

The pool is finally warm – up to 78 degrees!  So, K-Cat and LooHoo spent some time in the water tonight while Hubby went for a run (I actually never made it out yesterday, so I’m planning to do that tonight before bed).  Tonight’s Disney movie is Bambi, but before I can talk about that one, I need to go back and talk about Fantasia. 

If you haven’t seen Fantasia, you need to go into it with specific expectations.  The movie came out in 1940, and it is not a movie about anything – it is images set to classical music.  The idea is basically, what if you could see sound?  The first few songs are a lot like watching a light show or fireworks program at Disney World.  After that, the songs and images get progressively “out there,” scary even at times.  It’s not the most engaging movie, and, if pressed, I don’t think I’d recommend it unless someone was really into classical music or really wanted to see all of the early Disney movies.  LooHoo doesn’t have a favorite part of this movie, and she wouldn’t recommend it because she actually found it “kinda boring.” 

Looking forward to sharing our thoughts on The Reluctant Dragon with the next update (how many of you have even heard of that Disney movie?)!  For now, back to work tomorrow and running tonight…  hopefully I can find some motivation!


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