A quiet weekend and Disney movie update

We’re headed into a rare quiet weekend here…  Vacation Bible School ended yesterday.  There were about 1,600 kids this year, and we had a packed house at last night’s week-end celebration!   It’s been a long, slow week for me as I was the only one in the family not at VBS all week.  Despite that, I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. 

Today, the schedule does hold a 3-mile run for me as I continue training for the half-marathon this fall – but that’s a light day after 6.5 miles last week and 8 miles next week.  Other than that, it’s cleaning this afternoon, helping Doodle pack for church camp, and then having The Gamers over for dinner and well, games (of course) tonight.  On the Disney movie front, LooHoo and I have Bambi on the schedule for Sunday afternoon so look for another blog update after that! 

Before that, however, I wanted to share our thoughts on Pinocchio.  This was Disney’s first multi-plane camera movie which means that there was depth added to the scene making the watcher feel like they actually move forward into a scene.  One thing that LooHoo and I noticed and were a little surprised by was when one of the characters says, “Give a bad boy enough rope and eventually he’ll make a jackass of himself” while they are on Pleasure Island – of course, the boys were turning into donkeys after drinking, smoking, gambling, and fighting.  We did have to remind ourselves that in 1940, these movies were not necessarily aimed at children and that “jackass” was maybe more widely used to describe people who were behaving badly.  I was grateful, however, that Jay Pea did not pick up that line from the movie back in 1996 when she was watching Pinocchio on video EVERY day, sometimes more than once a day! 

It was a good movie; the story moves quickly.  It was interesting to learn that Pinocchio’s nose actually only grows one time when he lies to the Blue Fairy and yet that’s one of the things everyone knows about Pinocchio.  I really liked Figaro the cat, and LooHoo liked Jiminy Cricket – he got some of the best lines in the movie, and he sticks with Pinocchio no matter what!  Overall, we recommend this movie for children older than 5 as there are some very scary parts (on Pleasure Island and in the ocean with Monstro the whale) and because of the word that we’d hate to see someone in Kindergarten or younger pick up and call others. 

Next update… Fantasia!  For now, I’m off to clean house and run…


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