Disney Movie Summer begins…

This summer LooHoo and I decided to start watching Disney movies in order from their first feature-length movie in 1937 through however far we can get by the end of the summer.  LooHoo was given an old VCR; yep, the media player that uses VHS tapes – and we found a great deal on VHS tapes at Goodwill… only $0.50 each!  They have quite the selection of Disney movies available; I suppose most people have moved their Disney movie collection to DVD or BlueRay… 

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, LooHoo and I sat down to watch Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.  It was clear right away that the Snow White we see today has had quite an extreme makeover from the original Snow White – her hair and skirt have gotten fuller for one thing; she now has better defined cheekbones and wears a little less blush.  It was a good movie; one thing that stood out to LooHoo and I was that Snow White gets down on her knees and prays for the dwarfs before she goes to bed at night – not sure that I’ve seen any of the modern princesses take time to pray for anyone else! 

The funniest part of the movie to us was probably the part that was meant to be the scariest – Snow White runs through the woods to escape the huntsman who is supposed to kill her.  As she runs, the trees and shadows turn into monsters.  That, in itself, is not funny, but the classic horror movie scream that she lets out at every turn gets to be quite comical.  She throws her hands up next to her face, screams, and runs another direction… it’s very much what you would expect from a scary movie scene in 1937.  We also found it amusing that Snow White met the prince one time for about five minutes – they sing together briefly, but she doesn’t actually talk to him.  It is then only two days later that she bites the poison apple and falls into her death-sleep.  I didn’t realize that she knows the dwarfs for less than 24 hours by that time! 

One other thing that stood out to me – I never realized what a male chauvinist Grumpy is!  Despite this, overall, we both liked it – but, I dare say, there probably will not be a Disney movie that we don’t like… 

Next was Pinocchio, then Fantasia, then The Reluctant Dragon, and, tonight, Dumbo… but so that we can give each movie its full due, I’ll wait to write about each of those on another night!  Wish me luck at Bingo tonight!


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