Work, work, work…

First, the jackpot update… no, our team didn’t win, but it was won by the other “regulars” so I won’t complain too loudly.  If we can’t win, it’s nice when it goes to someone else who is there almost every Wednesday night.  I actually slept well on Wednesday night which is good because I didn’t sleep well last night; I’ll be really glad when Hubby is home and I can sleep again! 


Yesterday, I had meetings at work and then came home and worked until midnight – it’s been a long time since I worked like that!  It was nice to get a lot done, but it’s always strange to get so wrapped up in work that you don’t realize the sun has gone down and you are sitting in a dark room working only by desk lamp and laptop light… 


Today was another big working day – got everything done on my To Do List.  That does not happen every day so it is always a good ending when it does.  Also, every other Friday is my favorite day because it’s the day when I get to update the budget, dream about the future, remember God is in control of all things, and determine what we can actually do or not do in the next week, month, and year. 


The rest of my night has been spent watching The Voice on DVR and doing laundry – who could ask for anything more?  When does my family get back?? 



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