Blessings and Faithfulness

I have been blessed the last couple of days with the opportunity to hear some of the greatest Christian leaders of our time speak to pastors here in Minneapolis – Godly men who are truly gifted to speak wisdom, truth, and encouragement, men like Kent Hughes, Jason Meyer, and John Piper to name just a few.  I am awed again as I read back through my notes tonight and consider just a few of the things that they shared:

1.  We should not judge our success or failure by man’s standards – God’s servants were never called to be successful; we were called to be faithful.  Sometimes when we are most successful, we experience our greatest failure in God’s eyes.

2.  Pray!  Christ relied on prayer to carry out his ministry; if he needed that time with God, how much more do we need it?

3.  Embrace transition as it allows us to focus on God and not on people; it gives us an opportunity to trust God’s sovereignty.

4.  Make the effort to develop word pictures that have never been seen or heard before to describe the wonder and vision of God and His works; meditating this way on God’s word and on His character allows us to see and understand God in a fresh, new and deeper way.

I have watched since last fall as our lives began moving into another season of change, knowing that God has never brought change into our lives without a greater purpose that when revealed to us down the road has always been amazing and, in many ways, mind blowing – He has brought about things that we would have never dreamed of for ourselves or for our family.  I wholeheartedly believe that He is truly faithful and desires the best of the best for us.

I still don’t know where these latest changes will take us, but I am confident beyond a shadow of doubt that God is completely and wholly in control.  He already knows where this road leads, and He is faithful to be on this journey with us – behind us in the situations we are leaving there, alongside as we continue to simply put one foot in front of the other in faith, and ahead of us waiting and drawing us nearer to Him.

I am excited to see what this year brings and am truly content in whatever comes our way knowing that no matter what the circumstance, God sustains us!  (Phil 4:11-13)


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