Spa Night before Vacation!

LooHoo and Mom's toes
LooHoo and Mom’s toes

Tonight was spa night at our house – banana/honey face masks, sugar hand scrub, and toenail polish.  It was a nice way to end the day after a busy evening.  I spent a couple of hours after dinner finishing up my packing.  Nana and Grandpa are here tomorrow and I’m headed off to Florida for about nine days!

After work LooHoo and Doodle had annual check-ups, and everyone got flu shots followed by a stop at Starbucks.  I worked out a deal a long time ago with the kids that if they had to get shots anytime they went to the doctor then we would get a treat after we left the doctor’s office.  The girls agreed that Starbucks would be a good treat so we headed there for blended creams, coffee and cookies!  Then it was time to pick up Plus One from work and head to the grocery store for milk and Cheerios – two staples in our house.

Dinner tonight was Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni while watching Netflix.  After dinner the girls had to focus on getting some school done as they had been out most of the morning.  That gave me the time I needed to finish packing before spa night began!  Now it’s time to cuddle up with my girls in the living room and watch some TV until it’s time for me to head for the airport in the early morning hours.  Bon Voyage!


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