It Really is That Bad!

Someone Should Clean!
Someone Should Clean!

Okay, in truth, it really is only ever this bad when Hubby is away… that is a picture of my living room tonight.  Hubby and Jay Pea left today for their father/daughter vacation, and I did my best to get the girls through school; do my regular work – emails, projects, calls, etc.; make dinner; and get to a doctor’s appointment!  The good news is we all survived and there is only one day left until the weekend.  The bad news is that Hubby is gone for several more days!  Of course, that could be considered good news because it should give me time to clean this mess up before he gets back…

Dinner tonight was spaghetti with corn and green beans in front of the television in the family room.  The dining room was clean, and I wanted to keep it that way!  We watched the movie, Tangled,  (again) – my favorite part is definitely when Rapunzel goes through her entire range of emotions after leaving the tower for the first time… such a “girl” moment that I personally relate to all too well.

The rest of the night was spent working on email and helping Doodle start her research report.  There was also a brief piano recital by Doodle as she spent several hours after school today looking up songs on YouTube and getting sheet music online.  It amazes me how quickly and easily she has picked up playing the keyboard – I really do need to think about formal lessons at some point for her.

My arms are very sore tonight; a result of the doctor’s appointment that I had this afternoon and the round of shots that I received there!  That meant Ibuprofen for me with dinner… LooHoo was babysitting most of the evening so she is still up working on finishing up her school for the day now.  I am going to go find some more Ibuprofen and then chase her off to bed so that we can both get some sleep… no sense being sore, overwhelmed, and tired if I can avoid any of those pieces!


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