Learning to Write

School Work!
School Work!

Tonight is a school night at our house – that’s actually K-Cat’s English workbook in the picture.  She is working on a poetry assignment, learning all about alliteration and onomatopoeia – makes for very fun conversation!  Doodle is scouring the latest editions of several magazines looking for an article that interests her enough to use it in a letter to the editor writing assignment.

Hubby took LooHoo and Jay Pea out to see a movie – no idea what they finally decided to see, but it was a good idea for them to be out of the house so the other girls could focus on writing.  Since there were only three of us home for dinner, I decided a Taco Bell run would be a good way to start our night of writing!  Then it was straight home and straight to work!

Luckily, we had a mostly relaxing day before this with Plus One, her dad who is visiting from Malaysia, and her older brother coming over for dessert and games after lunch.  It was fun to spend some time hanging out and getting to know them a little better, and I actually won our game of Ticket to Ride which, of course, made it even more fun for me.  At the end of their visit, they gave us a handmade batik and shells taken from the Indian Ocean!  I know it will be hard for Plus One to have her dad leave in the morning and to try to get back to a normal somewhat boring routine around here.

I’ll close now as it’s taken me over two hours to write these three paragraphs while also trying to read the girls’ assignments, proof-read their drafts, correct grammar and punctuation, and provide constructive feedback for a poem about meerkats and a letter to the editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine!  Whew!  I’m off to bed!


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