Two Great Art Pieces

Two Great Art Pieces
Two Great Art Pieces

As we head into the weekend, we are once again hosting a sleepover – I think one of the greatest parts of having daughters is getting to have their friends over and having a house full of girls!  There is nothing better to me than a group of girls giggling and chatting way into the night then watching a sappy girl movie before falling asleep all over the living room…  God definitely knew what He was doing in giving me daughters!

Doodle’s small group from church is here tonight – it’s actually a VERY small group this time as only her two leaders and one other girl showed up to work on the project at hand – a duplication of the Canvas that they created in November for Orphan Sunday at Grace.  The picture is of the original and the duplicate which is in process.  During the art auction on Orphan Sunday, there was quite a bidding war for the girls’ art piece – so much so that one lady asked the girls to create an exact copy for her.  She promised to donate the money to Grace’s Orphan Ministry so the girls agreed to create the piece (no, it wasn’t me – I actually outbid her to get the original (sly grin)).  The duplicate is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Since the house was being taken over for this purpose tonight, Hubby, Jay Pea, LooHoo, K-Cat and I went out to dinner and to the mall for some after-Christmas shopping.  Jay Pea was in search of a couple new shirts, and K-Cat had several Claire’s gift cards to spend.  We had dinner at “a pirate’s favorite restaurant” and then headed off to the mall.  Jay Pea was successful in her search finding two shirts on sale, but K-Cat was overwhelmed with all of the choices at her disposal with her gift cards in hand.  She ended up deciding to think more about what she really wanted and left the mall without any new items.

We stayed until the mall closed (what a trooper Hubby is!) and then stopped for Caribou Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on our way out.  The rest of our night will now be spent listening to the girls play upstairs (yes, LooHoo and K-Cat have joined them) – I’m off to try to convince Hubby to play another round of Ticket to Ride – one of my many great Christmas presents this year!  All aboard!


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