Back to “Normal”

Back to "Normal"
Back to “Normal”

Yes, that is the family room returned to “normal” – Christmas decorations came down today, and our routine gets back to “normal” tomorrow.  I’m getting caught up on emails tonight, reviewing and re-prioritizing my task list, and preparing our schedule to move into 2013 in a few days.

We had a wonderful pre-Christmas with Nana and Grandpa at their home Thursday and Friday.  The girls got to open gifts; we had a great dinner and spent some time just hanging out.  Jay Pea was able to join us the second day in time to do some last-minute shopping and watch the end of “White Christmas” – one of my holiday favorites!  We were home again Saturday night.

After church Sunday, we headed to the airport for one of our favorite Christmas traditions – picking up Mema and PawPaw at the airport!  They were here for about four days.  We did some last-minute Christmas shopping on Sunday night and watched “Brave.”

On Monday, we went to Christmas Eve service at Grace – K-Cat was in the program – then came home and opened all of our presents that night!  LooHoo, Doodle, and K-Cat fell asleep in the family room after watching a movie, and Jay Pea and I stayed up to let Santa in.

Christmas Day we actually slept in – it is strange having kids that are not up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought!  The bulk of the day was spent watching movies and playing games – both new board games and new computer games, and Hubby made a wonderful ham dinner.

Wednesday, we ventured out into the cold to see “Parental Guidance” at the EP Mall; Hubby was able to meet us there after work – it was fun to be there with all eight of us and to see a movie that crossed generations.  We had Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner while watching “The Santa Clause 2.”  After the movie, there was time for a game before heading out to BW3 for Music Bingo.  The Fire Sis won the wing party at the end of the night and The Fire Wife (who shall be henceforth known as Lucky One – she definitely wins a lot) won one round also.

Today, we braved the crowds at Mall of America for lunch and more movies – this time, PawPaw and Doodle saw “The Hobbit” while Mema, K-Cat and I went to “Les Mis” – did you know they sing the entire movie??  Well, K-Cat and I did not.  I enjoyed it anyway, but K-Cat had a hard time following what was happening.  She did cry near the end when Javert… well, to not give anything away, I’ll just say… when Javert has his most dramatic scene.  I was touched to see her compassion in explaining to me that Javert was only doing his job, and she was very sad that he was so sad and misunderstood.   My girls amaze me at how they look at life so different from what society expects.

We were sad to say goodbye to Mema and PawPaw this afternoon when we dropped them off at the airport, but, looking back, I can say, it was a great week of Christmas celebration with family – fun times and great memories – a girl definitely couldn’t ask for anything more!


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