Is there a test later?

Dinner tonight was Arby’s in Little Falls – Hubby, K-Cat and I met Nana and Grandpa there, and K-Cat went home with them.  She will spend tomorrow shopping for her birthday and will come home on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  It is always strange having one of the girls gone – the whole tone and feeling of the house changes.

We learned on the drive home that one of my headlights is out – remind me to tell you that story some time…  I won’t post it to save the involved parties any embarrassment.  Guess I’ll be getting a new headlight tomorrow!

We picked up Plus One at McDonald’s at the way home; she had to hang out there for about an hour after work and wait for us to get back into town.  We are definitely thankful that there are McDonald’s close to both of the places where she works!

It was nice to get home and get out of the car as between work and this drive I’ve spent about 7 hours in my car today!  We got home to find Loo Hoo and Doodle watching Bonus Discs from The Hunger Games – so I’ve learned all about the sound effects in the film and the experience that the Tributes had while filming.  It’s been quite entertaining.  Sounds like we are now going to watch the Tribute biographies – I didn’t realize there was so much to learn about this movie!  Guess I’d better pay attention in case there’s a test later…


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