A quiet night at home…

Tonight, dinner was turkey loaf (Jennie-O brand), corn, broccoli, garlic toast, and brown rice – quite the feast!  After dinner, we spent the evening hanging out together in the family room.  We played Wizards 101 and conquered several villains while exploring new lands.  We also watched the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows and caught up on this week’s DVR recording of The Voice.

After Hubby headed off to bed, Loo Hoo, Doodle, K-Cat and I stayed up to watch a few more Twilight Zone episodes.  It’s interesting to see how the show changed over time, and we all agree that Rod Sterling has the perfect spooky look about him as he narrates the beginning of all of the episodes in the season we are now watching.  Loo Hoo and I have made a game of watching for the now very familiar mirror-shot that is in nearly every episode!

K-Cat and Doodle have fallen asleep here in the family room; Loo Hoo just wandered off to bed, and I suppose I should do the same.  It is hard to walk away with my babies sleeping here – they are so big and yet still so precious (especially when they are sleeping!)…  Nevertheless, tomorrow is a busy day, and without my required 7 hours of sleep, it will be much longer than necessary, so I guess I’ll go…


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