Dinner tonight was Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwiches from Walmart – Great Value brand frozen sandwiches (heated up, of course!).  They were a hit as everyone actually liked them; even Doodle, who is very choosy, had half of a sandwich!

We had our first official snowfall last night – nothing measureable on the ground but definitely a covering of white and icy roads.  The sad part for me is, of course, the cold that came with the snow – time to put away the light-weight jackets and accept that it’s time for real coats.  The snow meant no driving to Austin – two hours on slick roads is not worth it if there are no client meetings scheduled.  I was able to get a lot done working from my home office today so I’m definitely not complaining!

After a very busy weekend with friends and family, it was nice to also have some time to catch up on cleaning and organization around the house tonight.  Doodle and I finished up her school paper that is due tomorrow – she is getting to be quite the writer which is nice because it means my part, checking spelling and grammar, takes much less time.

I also had time tonight to read with each of the girls before bedtime – a rare treat sometimes.  Doodle and I are reading B4UD8 as follow up to her purity ring ceremony from several weeks ago.  It’s a pretty good book; a little ahead of where she actually is in relationships, but some good things for her to think about now before she is actually considering dating.  Loo Hoo and I are reading The Gospel in Disney: Christian Values in the Early Animated Classics.  We are really enjoying that one so far – the author wrote several sermons using common themes in the Bible and Disney’s early movies.

Hubby just came in to tell me he’s heading to bed; considering how difficult it has been to get up the past few very cold mornings, I think it’s a good idea for me to do the same – maybe having enough sleep will help me convince myself to get out of my toasty warm bed and face the cold morning the first time the alarm goes off in the morning!  Thankful tonight for space heaters and electric blankets!


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