Another fun week…

The elections are over for another year and most of the political signs are gone from the neighbor’s yards.  Our company left on Sunday morning and the house has been almost too quiet – amazing the difference it makes in everyone’s energy levels having a preschooler around.  We all miss the Skyline Dealers and their precious princess already!  Hubby and I got into the habit of spoiling her way too easy – our own daughter’s wanted to know several times why the Skyline Princess could have more stuffed animals and why they couldn’t.

While they were here, we spent time at Mall of America, did some shopping at Eden Prairie Center, hung out at Starbucks, went out to dinner, and saw a couple different movies.  The Skyline Dealers took the Skyline Princess, K-Cat, and Doodle trick-or-treating on Halloween while the rest of were at Awana.  Once again, I was reminded that my youngest daughter is definitely used to being the youngest and doesn’t share that spotlight well as I hear she had a hard time with all of the neighbors telling the Skyline Princess how cute she was dressed up like a ladybug!

On Friday night during their visit we also hosted Loo Hoo’s small group for a sleepover – because, after all, can you really have too many people in one house overnight?  At least this time, the answer was no – we all seemed to fit fine.  Loo Hoo’s group spent most of their night focused on creating an art project upstairs for a special event at church while Hubby and our friends watched movies in the family room downstairs.  I was up until about 4 a.m. with Loo Hoo and her friends – such a fun night!

Saturday night, the eight of us piled into the van and drove to Hinckley to meet Jay Pea and Boyfriend for dinner (Plus One spent the evening with her brother and sister in Minneapolis).  It was a long drive for dinner, but it was well worth it!  After saying good-bye to the Skyline Dealers, I spent Sunday afternoon working with Doodle on a school paper and watching TV – the weather was pretty dreary so it was nice to be inside.  Hubby and I had date night on Monday ($5 burgers at Applebee’s!) and last night I got to experience watching the Presidential Election returns at the Republican Headquarter party!

The Bingo Buddies had texted on Monday to say that they were planning to go down there after the polls closed.  I have never even considered going to something like that – I guess I always thought it was invitation only…  Well, despite the fact that our candidate lost, it was a lot of fun to be in that environment to see it all unfold – talk about passionate people!  I’m looking forward to doing it again after the next Presidential Election – next time Loo Hoo will be old enough to go if she’s not far away at college!

Tonight, dinner will be McDonald’s and BW3 – like every Wednesday night!  Hopefully I’ll get some time to watch all three episodes of The Voice that broadcast this week – I’m falling behind!  We are expecting friends from Denver in tomorrow night so it will be another fun and crazy weekend here…  I always love the ride that life takes me on and, of course, I’m grateful for the people God has put in my life to enjoy the ride with me!


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