Back again…

No, I’m not going to try to recap the last several months…  I’m just going to admit that it’s been way too long this time! 

Tonight’s dinner was Taco Bell as the evening was spent getting the house ready for visitors tomorrow!  The Skyline Dealers and their sweet little Princess Skyline are due to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon, and we can’t wait!  The beds are all made, towels are washed, bathrooms are clean, floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped, and I think we are ready. 

This morning was the closing ceremony for Missions Week at church.  It was pretty amazing to hear praise and worship in many different languages – a good reminder that God is Lord of the world, not just Lord of Minnesota or even just of the United States! 

After church, LooHoo, Doodle, and I had lunch at Noodles & Co. with a friend who teaches preschoolers (we’ll call her Roo), specifically so LooHoo could pick her brain about teaching at a daycare center and going to college.  We are much more convinced now that LooHoo needs at least a two-year degree to pursue her dream job after high school so we’ll be looking at two-year schools soon.  We are also grateful to friends like Roo who are willing to invest time in helping our girls to grow up! 

K-Cat had drama practice after church so she and Hubby had lunch together at Burger King before heading home for Hubby’s Sunday afternoon nap.  Plus One got a late morning text asking her to cover a shift at work so she spent most of her afternoon there.  

The rest of our evening, after dinner, was spent watching the Broncos beat the Saints, putting on a new set of nails, and working on school with K-Cat.  I also snuck in a few hours of prep work for a Monday morning meeting, but all is ready now around here to kick off what promises to be a fun week. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with friends and family who are expecting to wake up to hurricane weather on the East Coast tomorrow; I’ll be watching the news updates, Facebook and city webcams to witness history with you! 


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