Where does the time go?

WOW!  It’s been almost a month since the last update – a lot has changed around here, and we are three weeks closer to the end of summer!

Tuesday, July 31, was a sad day for us – it is the day that Paris went back home!  It was hard to say goodbye, but we are very thankful for Facebook so we can keep in touch easily.  We didn’t have a lot of time to miss her though as we needed to gear up quickly for our next house guest.  Wednesday was BW3 – it was much quieter without all of the French students as there were no random dance parties between rounds of bingo!

We spent most of the rest of that week moving rooms and painting walls and getting ready for Plus One (our new surrogate daughter) to move in on my birthday.  We met her and her mom the Saturday before in response to an email from LIW about a missionary friend in need of a place for her 18-year-old daughter to live while she transitioned from life in the mission field to college life.  There was no question in our minds, especially after meeting her that we wanted to offer our home and have her be part of our family.  It’s been amazing to see commonalities between our families and our lives – definitely proof that God has had this in His plan for some time!

Friday evening, after we closed up the paint cans and hung the last of the pictures on the walls, we headed north to hang out with The Gamers (these are friends that we’ve had for a while but just recently discovered how much we have in common when it comes to the games we love to play!).  Gamer Guy and Gamer Girl (they kind of sound like strange superheroes!) opened their cabin up to us for a several nights and a very relaxing weekend on the lake!  Yes, I even went tubing before the weekend was over – ugh… the things peer pressure will make you do!

Tuesday was an exciting day as I celebrated my birthday AND Plus One arrived!  I can’t think of a better way to start my 43rd year then to extend our family to include a new daughter and her family!  We also got to go to Applebee’s that night with the Bingo Buds and their kids – so, all around, it was a darn good birthday this year!

Friday after my birthday found us at the Bingo Buds’ house with several other friends including LIW, The Norwegians, and The Parakeeters for a bonfire complete with s’mores and campfire popcorn!  It was fun to sit around and visit with everyone and amazing that it was the first time this summer that it’s been cool enough at night to actually enjoy a bonfire!

That Saturday was the Schlauderaff Annual Twins Game Outing.  We hosted lunch at our house that afternoon; it was fun to hang out on the new back patio with family and catch up before everyone headed off to the game.  Several of the cousins were even brave enough to get into the pool which has gotten much colder in the last few weeks!  Hubby, LooHoo, Jay Pea, and Plus One went with Grandpa to the game that evening – they had a great time even though the Twins lost!

Sunday morning Jay Pea and I went to brunch at Santorini’s in Eden Prairie – I highly recommend this if you can get the Groupon 2 for 1 deal.  It’s a little expensive without that, but the food was incredible and tons of it with lots of variety!  That night, Hubby and I went to our last demolition derby of the summer season – hard to believe I only went to two this year!  Again – where did the summer go??  As always, the Carver County Fair Demolition Derby did not disappoint; it was a fun night even with some rain at the beginning!

Last week was filled with work, shopping, driving, Valley Fair, Three Stooges, and new furniture – well, new for us!  LooHoo and True Belieber made it a point to get over to Valley Fair one last time before school starts – it was no easy task as the first night they tried to go the power went out at the park and they closed right when the girls were arriving.  But, being every diligent in their pursuit, after two sleepovers, their second attempt to get to the park was successful – although I hear they only stayed for a few hours!  While they were riding roller coasters, K-Cat, Doodle, Plus One and I went shopping!  It was nice to get out and walk around the mall, and even better that we found what we were looking for and it was on sale!

Tuesday, Hubby and I met Jay Pea and Boyfriend for dinner and to get our van back (Jay Pea had borrowed it to help Boyfriend move some furniture around as he got settled into his new home for the school season).  Then, Thursday night, we headed up to Frazee to get some furniture that Nana and Grandpa were getting rid of – that led to lots of moving furniture around our house on Friday night and Saturday, but it was all worth it – the house looks great!

In between all of that, we made time to watch Three Stooges – not a movie I would recommend unless you really, really like slapstick humor…  personally, I don’t think I get it!  At the end of the week, we were on the road again as Mema and PawPaw came up Friday night from Denver, and we headed for Superior to see Jay Pea and Boyfriend again.  Plus One got to hang out with her sister here in town so I think it was a pretty good weekend for everyone!

We had another movie night on Sunday – this time, it was Mirror! Mirror! which turned out to be pretty good – a fun twist on an old favorite, and, of course, with my current obsession with Once Upon A Time, anything Snow White is okay by me.  We also celebrated PawPaw’s birthday with a giant cookie that K-Cat and I made earlier that day.

Monday, we put Mema, PawPaw, LooHoo, Doodle, and K-Cat on a plane to Denver – the house is very quiet now with just me, Hubby and Plus One hanging around.  We spent that night watching season finales of some of our favorite shows from this past year – an important thing to do as the seasons will be starting up again soon!  Then, last night, Hubby and I had an Awana director’s meeting – yes, it’s time to get ready for that program to kick off again for the year.  We stopped at BW3 for wings for dinner and then came home to watch a movie from the 80’s on HBO to Go with Plus One.

Today, Plus One and I went out and did some grocery shopping after work then came home for a dinner of leftovers with Hubby.  I bought a Fantasy Football magazine this afternoon and have now spent the last 45 minutes combing through cheat-sheets and reading tips on potential sleeper picks and which teams have easier schedules – we are headed out shortly for our draft…  I think I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be – wish me luck!


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