We are closing down another week of summer today and looking back at a lot of fun events!  One of the many great things about having Paris with us is that we are finding things to do beyond sitting around watching TV at night or taking naps!

Last Sunday after church, we spent the day cleaning, relaxing and playing games – a good combination for a weekend day!  Monday, Loo Hoo and Paris went to Mall of America for EIGHT hours – something only teenagers can actually do, I think!  That evening, Doodle and K-Cat went to their last Tae Kwon Do session; yes, it’s the end of an era for us.  They have decided that after three years, this is not something they want to continue to do.  It will be nice to have two free nights a week back into our schedule, but I know they will miss seeing their friends and instructors – even if they don’t have to practice forms anymore!

Tuesday, Loo Hoo and Paris went tubing on the Apple River – they both came home a little sunburned, but they had a great time (from what I hear).  That night, we watched the movie “Up” with French subtitles – “écureuil!” – that is funny in any language!  We then headed out for late-night tacos before heading off to bed to face a busy Wednesday.

Loo Hoo and Paris headed off to Como Zoo on Wednesday morning.  As they were not completely exhausted that afternoon, we hauled them off to Valley Fair with the rest of the family.  We met up with Bingo Buddy Girlfriend and The Knitter (another friend who is crazy about knitting, so I think the name fits well) and their kids.  We spent a few hours hanging out at the park before the mosquitoes started to come out, and it was time to head home.

Of course, it was Wednesday night so we weren’t home for long before heading over to BW3.  Paris and Loo Hoo went with us so that they could hang out with The Norwegians’ and The Bingo Buds’ kids and the French students that are staying with them.  This week, our very large group (18 of us!) won all four rounds of bingo – Loo Hoo won the first one which means she gets six free wings next week.

Thursday, Hubby and all of the girls went to a Twins game – the only one of the four-game series that the Twins lost (just sayin’…)!  That night, while I went to the dentist, everyone else headed over to Lake Ann for a BBQ and late day swimming.  I got there in time to enjoy hot dogs with them before heading home to watch Batman: The Dark Knight (#2 of the Batman series) so that everyone could remember what had happened last before they all went to see Dark Knight Rises on Friday morning.

Hubby took all of the girls to see the new Batman movie on Friday morning – it is a long movie and they had some technical difficulties at the theater which meant that they ended up being at the theater most of the day.  That night, Loo Hoo and Paris and I went to Plato’s Closet, did some grocery shopping and then came home for pizza and to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Yesterday, our day started slowly with everyone sleeping in before finally getting around and heading off to Dave & Busters for lunch and video games!  We won over 2,800 tickets which the girls all split to get key chains, candy, balls, pens, and other fun toys.  We ended the day watching Inception – a very confusing movie in any language!

This morning found us at church and then back home for baking and hanging out in the air conditioning – we made lemon merengue pie (well, Paris made it and Doodle and I helped – a little!).  We also made au gratin potatoes which went wonderfully with Hubby’s slow-cooker chicken.  Everyone is now waiting patiently for me to get this posted so that we can head off to Valley Fair for a night of roller coasters… hopefully we won’t melt out there tonight!


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