Swimming on the North Shore?

Dinner tonight was Famous Dave’s at Canal Park in Duluth – we were celebrating Jay Pea’s 20th birthday with her and The Library.

Since Tuesday, we have had a few fun adventures – Wednesday night, we picked up Paris at The Norwegian’s house, showed her around our house, and then whisked her off to BW3 for rock and roll bingo!  She even won a round!  Of course, it was very late when we got home, and everyone was definitely ready for bed.

Thursday, Paris, Hubby, and the girls spent the day at Shady Oak Beach – everyone was a little pinker that night, but no one was too exhausted to stay home so we headed back to The Norwegian’s house for a pool party and root beer floats.  Paris had never had root beer, and she will likely not be having it again.  It’s definitely an acquired taste!

Friday, after work, we did some shopping in Eden Prairie – gifts for Jay Pea, groceries, and cold medicine.  Yes, cold medicine in July – Hubby has come down with a nice strong summer cold!  That night, we took all of the girls to Valley Fair where they spent three hours riding roller coasters and eating snacks – can you believe they are already ready to go back again?  Hubby and I spent our evening across the street from Valley Fair at Shakopee Raceway watching the Figure 8 races.

This morning, our day started with a long drive from our home to Jay Pea’s home – I worked on email and a couple of projects from work while Doodle and K-Cat played Barbies and LooHoo and Paris played games on their phones.

For lunch, we picked up Little Caesar’s pizzas and crazy bread and headed for a park in town for a picnic lunch complete with birthday presents for Jay Pea.  It was very hot and humid in the Lake Superior Region today, but I guess that’s the story everywhere for the middle of July.

After lunch, we all piled in the minivan and headed up Highway 61 – the goal was Gooseberry Falls or at least Split Rock Lighthouse…  well, it didn’t take too long in the car for us to realize that after the long ride from the morning, Two Harbors would be far enough north!   We stopped at the light house there, walked out to the end of the water break, put our feet in Lake Superior (K-Cat slipped and put her whole body in – well, at least up to her waist!), wandered through the gift house, and took a bunch of pictures.

We then jumped on the expressway and headed back to Duluth.  The crowds were pretty light at Canal Park; we met up with The Boyfriend and were able to get a table very quickly at Famous Dave’s.  While we waited for our food to come, we played several rounds of tic tac toe and hangman.  We then split a couple of All-American Feasts – those are the ones served on the garbage pail lid (quite a treat – ribs, brisket, pork, and chicken)!  Jay Pea got ice cream for her birthday which she was nice enough to share with everyone at the table.

All too soon, we were back at Jay Pea’s house saying good-bye.  It was great to be able to come up and celebrate her birthday and to show Paris another site from our part of America – but, as usual, it always seems that we are saying good-bye to Jay Pea and The Boyfriend much too soon.

The car is now pointed south again, and we’ll soon be home and tucked into bed with a full fun day behind us.  Looking to relaxing at home tomorrow!


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