Twenty Years?

Dinner tonight was grilled bourbon chicken and orange chicken with fried rice from LeeAnn Chin.  It was date night with Hubby and buy one, get one free night at LeeAnn Chin – what a great combination!

Obviously, the last few days have been busy as I haven’t blogged since the middle of last week – so a quick recap (again):

We had friends over on July 4 for a BBQ and swimming party after watching the Independence Day Parade in Chanhassen (yes, we braved the 100+ degree weather to sit in the shade on the side of a street and watch community businesses, politicians and several local bands march by and throw candy).  By the time the sun went down, we were exhausted!  We ended up watching an obstructed view of the fireworks – from our top floor window through the trees!

Thursday, like most people, I was back at work.  That night, I drove down to Austin to be ready for an early morning meeting on Friday.  Friday night, after a long drive home from Austin, we headed north to Frazee for another family get-together on Saturday – Rib Fest 2012!

The weather was great to be on the family farm up north, and we had a wonderful time hanging out with family and eating!  LooHoo, Doodle, and K-Cat all got to drive a tractor, too!  One of Hubby’s uncles re-furbished the tractor which belonged to Hubby’s grandfather – it was very fun to see them enjoying this piece of history.

After a big pancake breakfast at the fire station in downtown Frazee Sunday morning, we headed back home.  I went straight to Austin again for another early meeting on Monday morning.  Monday night, the girls were back to Tae Kwon Do for the summer and I was back to walking with my Bingo Buddy GF – it was great to be outside with normal summer temperatures!

Today is Jay Pea’s birthday – that means that Hubby and I have been parents for 20 years today!  Amazing!  It was nice to have date night coincide with this big event.

The rest of our night has been spent watching movies and getting ready for Paris (I’m sure you know that’s not her real name, but that’s what we’ll be calling the girl who will be staying with us from France for the next few weeks) to arrive tomorrow!  Stay tuned for a fun month!


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