A Quiet Night at Home

Dinner tonight was bake-at-home pepperoni pizza from Costco!  A nice easy dinner for another very hot day…

The girls had a Tae Kwon Do demonstration at Chanhassen Days – a big Independence Day celebration that ran all day today and ends with a big parade tomorrow afternoon.  The heat index was 103 – which would be considered hot anywhere, but when it feels that hot because of the humidity, it is definitely a draining type of heat.

I had to work late so I missed the demo; by the time I got home, the girls and Hubby were just getting home and everyone was ready to hit the pool!  We spent about an hour (maybe more – I never actually checked the time) floating around the pool, doing handstands and summersaults, and chasing bugs and leaves with the pool nets.

While we were swimming, Hubby took on another project – rescuing a huge plant in our garden.  It turns out that this plant does not do well in direct sunlight.  Every morning it looks great, and every evening it’s completely wilted!  This particular plant is in a very big pot that is extremely heavy so I was absolutely no help in this project.  Eventually Hubby was able to move it to an area on the patio with much less direct sun while I prepared dinner.

After dinner I did some web searching for an app for my Blackberry that will allow me to text and email by voice instead of typing for use during my long drives.  I found several good references for Vlingo and decided to try it for a couple days.  Unfortunately without an Android, it’s not truly hands free so I won’t be sending texts or emails, but it does seem to read emails and texts consistently so at least I can hear what’s going on during my two-hour commute!

When the sun finally started down around 9:00, the temps fell slightly so Doodle and I ran to the grocery store to get some food for a BBQ tomorrow evening.  After we got home, LooHoo offered to take me out for Frappuccinos at Starbucks – Java Chip for me and Double Chocolate Chip for her!  A great idea at the end of a hot day!

The rest of our evening was spent working on a Disney puzzle and listening to Genesis 1 – 8 on MP3.  Jay Pea challenged us to read the Bible with her this summer and to blog about it, and I’ve wanted to listen to this series as a family for some time.  It was fun to listen to dramatic readings of Creation through the Flood – chapters we are very familiar with from Answers in Genesis and multiple readings through the years but in a format that really brings them to life for everyone.  I’m very excited to listen again tomorrow night!


One thought on “A Quiet Night at Home

  1. We are loving having you back to blogging again. This way we feel like we can keep up with your busy family. I know that it is another thing to add to your busy schedule but you do such an awesome job and we really do appreciate it. Love those Thurs afternoon calls to when you get a chance.

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