Dinner tonight was Hamburger Helper, peas, and tortilla chips.  It was another hot one here much the same as in other parts of the country.  Of course, I think our dew point was nearly as high as our temperature so it was very sticky out so Hubby and the girls spent some time in the pool while I worked on email and stayed in the air conditioning!

We spent most of the evening in the lowest level of the house.  Hubby moved the computers from the TV room (top level of the house) to the playroom (lowest level of the house) today so that we could avoid the heat as much as possible and still be able to be “on the grid.”

Everyone was very tired after the sleepovers as most of the girls were up until around 4 a.m. or later.  That meant that the most exciting thing anyone was up for tonight was a late (okay, 8:30 p.m.) night run to Taco Bell – bean burritos for me and Doodle, five-layer burrito for LooHoo, cinnamon twists for K-Cat, and a nacho burrito for Hubby – and an evening of Disney TV movies.

All of the girls were tucked in by 10:15 leaving Hubby and me with a few quiet minutes before we call it a night.  I’m definitely looking forward to a full night of sleep after waking several times last night to giggles as the girls entertained themselves and their friends – can you believe we’re already talking about doing another sleepover later this summer?!


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