Catching up?

No, I didn’t get too sick to continue my blog; I simply got better and got busy!  Too busy, in fact to do much of anything beyond hold on tight and try to keep up with our family schedules and my work schedule.

So, first, a quick recap of the last three and a half months (where does the time go?)!

We wrapped up Awana for the year with Awana Grand Prix, our year-end party and award ceremonies, and Awana Games.  There’s been a lot of working and driving to Austin as well as some traveling to Cincinnati, Bentonville, and, most recently, Irvine.  There’s been more Tae Kwon Do – both girls earned their black belts a few weeks ago – and a vacation with Hubby back to Disney World (just the two of us to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary).  There were a few sleepovers and a couple of birthday parties and an incredible “Answers in Genesis” conference at the church!

There was a trip to Superior that ended with Jay Pea’s car being broken into and my purse being stolen, and there was a lot of practice and prep for Vacation Bible School (that involved everyone except me and K-Cat but kept our schedules full).

There was another trip to Disney World for Hubby and LooHoo (she paid for this one with her birthday and babysitting money and by agreeing to be an indentured servant for the summer around the house).  There was also construction of a new back patio complete with above-ground pool, log swing, and semi-built-in BBQ grill (lots of sweat from everyone and even a little blood and tears!).

In the last few weeks, LooHoo and I toured the state capitol and the whole family plus The Library spent a couple days in Fargo for the Clever Monkey family reunion!  So, as I said, it’s been very, very busy.

I’m healthy again, well-rested, and feeling like I may be back at a place with the schedule where I can commit to writing more frequently again!  I’ve missed being able to share updates, and I really miss not having an account to go back to and see what we’ve been up to – there are so many important details lost when I try to re-cap three and a half months in a few paragraphs!  So, stay tuned for more soon…


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