A House Full of Girls!

Dinner tonight was Totino’s pizzas and mozzarella cheese sticks!  We have six girls between the ages of 9 and 13 sleeping over plus our own three.  It’s a mid-summer night’s decade party – everyone came dressed in clothes from their favorite decade.  We had several hippies, a poodle-skirt girl, a punk rocker, and a couple of neon preppies.  The night started with group games like “Never Have I Ever” and “Move 1 Seat” – the girls followed that up with some dancing to music from different eras and then everyone headed for the pool!  Hubby and I were in charge of making dinner which we served on the back patio.  We then spent a couple of hours listening to nine girls swim, splash, and scream, as only that many girls can, in the backyard!

It was then time to come in, get dry, and play some Mafia – that lasted about 30 minutes before everyone broke into smaller groups to play some board games.  It’s surprisingly quiet right now but so much fun to hear the laughter from different areas all over the house!  It’s almost movie and snack time now so I need to get this posted quickly as I’m in charge of making sure the chips and gummy bears are available and that the movie gets started close to on time.

Before our house was ascended on by pre-teen and teen girls today, we started the morning with church – Jay Pea was home, and it was nice to have all of the girls there with us.  We had Chipotle for lunch – quesadillas for the younger girls, carnitas tacos for LooHoo, carnitas burrito for Hubby, and chicken burrito with guacamole for Jay Pea and me.  Then it was time to send Jay Pea back to her home north of us and to clean quickly, shop even quicker, and prep like crazy people for the big party tonight – the joy of having a party after being out of town for four days prior to this!  Surprisingly, we were able to get it all done and even had some time to spare before the first guest showed up.

So, the sound of laughter is getting louder and turning into hysterics almost in some corners – I think that’s the cue to set up the movie and snacks!  Hopefully, we’ll get a little sleep tonight, too!


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