UGH! Did I Mention that I’m Sick?

I’m definitely sick – not critically ill, but sick enough to be miserable (especially at night – why is it that we can feel pretty good all day and then be sick again at night?).  The thing about me being sick is that I’m pretty much a baby about it – I want everyone to know that I’m sick.  I’m not the kind of person who goes off to her room to sleep and get better; I’d much rather lay in the living room watching TV and reminding anyone who’ll stay near me that I don’t feel good!  Sad, huh?  I know; it’s pitiful…

The good news is that I’m feeling better tonight than I did last night; but, I’m still fighting this cough and chest congestion – ugh!!  Hubby is sick too so he doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for me lying around in the middle of the room, but he’s always good to take care of me even when he is not feeling well.

So, Wednesday night was Awana, McDonald’s and BW3.  Nana came down that afternoon so K-Cat and Doodle got to hang out with her while Hubby and I went for wings and bingo after Awana.  Our table won the first and third round – not a bad night.  Despite being on Mucinex for chest congestion, the night went pretty well.

Thursday, Hubby, Doodle and K-Cat took Nana to the airport; she’s off to Arizona to visit The Nurse, Baby Bee, and Little Man with LooHoo.  My cold was full blown by Thursday morning – my lungs hurt from the coughing so I made it a point to stop by Walgreen’s and get cough medicine (Robitussin was on sale – so I got the name brand stuff (woo hoo)) after work.  I also picked up my new prescription of Adderall.   I was on it several years ago for ADD and it really does make it easier to function when schedules and things get overwhelming.  From there, I went home, ate dinner and went to bed!  No working out, no tucking the girls in, just Cheesy Chicken casserole and bed…

The bummer is that I slept for about an hour and then woke up cold and couldn’t go back to sleep – UGH!  Took a hot bath, watched TV with Hubby, and finally fell back asleep for the night.  This morning I was feeling a little better – but, because of all of the coughing, my lungs hurt very bad and my voice was nearly completely gone!  I started my new meds and definitely noticed a difference in my coping skills – I forgot exactly how much of an impact the meds make.  Too bad there’s no cold medicine that works that well!

By late afternoon, I was feeling like maybe I was at the tail-end of this sickness thing so I headed over to Grace with Hubby to set up for an upcoming event.  We grabbed McDonald’s for dinner on the way.  While we were there, Jay Pea got home from school – it’s Spring Break so we get to see her for a whole week!  She helped us finish setting up and then we all headed to Applebee’s for late-night appetizers.  Not sure if the cold meds were wearing off or if it was simply being sick and outside at nighttime, but my cough came back in full force!  So, now I’m home – K-Cat and Doodle are in bed and Hubby and Jay Pea are shopping for last minute stuff for our big event – so there’s no one to listen to me whine about this thing!  Guess I should go find the Robitussin!


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