I Can’t Be Sick!

It’s really strange having only two kids at our house!  LooHoo has been gone for five days now.  Funny how much bigger the house feels…  glad she is having a good time visiting The Twin’s family.  The Twin is actually out of town, but The Nurse, Baby Bee, and Little Man are all there, and it sounds like LooHoo is having a lot of fun playing with the kids and hanging out with her aunt!

Saturday morning I went to the Mall of America with The Fire Wife, The Fire Sis, and True Belieber’s mom (LIW – from here on out; those are the initials of one of her favorite people in MN history, Laura Ingles Wilder).  We had an early lunch at Cadillac Ranch – I highly recommend this place!  The food was great!  LIW and I split a pulled pork sandwich and a wedge salad.

After lunch, we headed upstairs to the Diana exhibit.  It was very interesting to see and a lot of fun to share memories with friends, but I don’t think I’d recommend the exhibit only because it is a little expensive for what is included.  Thank you to The Fire Wife for the coupons!  The Saturday mall crowd was a little crazier than usual as this past weekend was also the 100th Birthday Celebration for Girl Scouts USA.  Seeing all of those Girl Scouts made me realize how long it’s been since I was involved!

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing my nails and working on email!  Hubby made tator tot hot dish for dinner – yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!

Sunday we went to late church as the time change really made it hard to get up early.  We had lunch at Arby’s and then headed home to work on school papers for Doodle and K-Cat.  We had pizza for dinner before taking Doodle to Foundations class at church.

Monday was a work day – like always; we had leftovers for dinner and then went to Tae Kwon Do.  I walked on the elliptical with my Bingo Buddy GF for about an hour, visited with The Fire Wife who was also walking, and then hung out watching the girls finish their practice time.  They are breaking boards again and are really good at it now!  It’s a lot of fun to watch.

Today while I was at work, Hubby moved our bed to the basement.  We’ve been talking about moving down there for some time.  We haven’t moved anything else yet – want to “test” sleeping down there first.  Then I’ll decide if I want to actually commit to moving a lot of stuff!

We took the girls to Applebee’s for dinner and had our usual… a 2 for $20 with boneless wings, fiesta chicken, and bourbon street chicken and shrimp!  K-Cat had chicken tenders and Doodle had mac and cheese.  From there, we headed to Target for cold medicine – yep, Hubby and I are both coming down with something gross!  Hopefully, the meds will help alleviate the symptoms; we have no time to be sick – so far, so good…


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