So glad it’s Friday!

We’re heading into the weekend at full speed!  Tonight was the final Awana Bonus Night for this school year – hard to believe!  But, once again, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Wednesday night was Awana and BW3; there was no bingo this week though as our Bingo Host did not show up… story is he overslept!  We had a great time anyway visiting and, of course, eating.

Thursday afternoon LooHoo left for Tucson.  She’ll be gone for a couple of weeks – visiting family down there.  Her flight went very well and I hear she is having a great time.

Thursday night, Hubby made tacos for dinner and then we headed for Austin again; I had early meetings this morning and everyone else wanted to play in the hotel pool again!  We got home this evening in time to change and head over to church for Bonus Night where we had hot dogs for dinner.  After Bonus Night, we stopped at McDonald’s for milkshakes and RedBox – Muppets From Space!  Then it was home to play City of Heroes with the girls for a couple hours before sending Hubby off to bed and settling in to watch our movie for Girls’ Night!  Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the weekend brings…


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