Another Fun Family Night

The really good news is that the last couple of nights have been pretty uneventful – at least no more trips to the hospital!

Last night, we had dinner at White Castle.  We don’t go there very often; it’s a little farther away (St. Louis Park) and, with the exception of K-Cat, the girls don’t really like sliders.  But, every now and then, we get a craving for a very greasy, little tiny hamburger with jalapeño cheese!  LooHoo had chicken rings, Doodle had mozzarella cheese sticks, and K-Cat, Hubby and I had sliders.  And, of course, what’s dinner at White Castle without crinkle cut fries!?  While the food was good, the service was incredibly slow!  We waited for a long time for our order to be prepared – this, typically, would not be a big deal, but we had plans to see a movie in Hopkins… so we were a little pressed for time.

Luckily, we did make it to the movie just as it was starting.  We saw “We Bought a Zoo” – this was LooHoo’s and my second time to see it, and it was just as good as the first time!  I really like the actress who plays the little girl (Rosie).  She is adorable!  The story is very well done and the animals are beautiful – and, yes, I cried several times (and so did K-Cat!).

After the movie, it was home and to bed for the younger girls.  Hubby and I watched a show with LooHoo and then sent her off to bed before calling it a night as well.  These are my favorite kind of nights when we get to hang out as a family…


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