A Big Scare on Saturday Night!

Seriously??  Feb 29 was the last time I posted?  Uff…  this keeping up on blogging thing is not getting any easier – but, I’m still glad I’m doing it.  It is fun to go back and read what we were doing last fall!

As for updates – last Wednesday night was BW3.  We didn’t win anything, but it was, as always, a lot of fun anyway!  Thursday night the girls had Tae Kwon Do and I worked out with my Bingo Buddy GF and LooHoo.  That night it started snowing and, as I had to be in Austin for client meetings, Hubby and I drove down there with the girls.  It was fun having them come with me on this trip.  The girls got to visit the SPAM Museum and play in the hotel pool and I made it in to work early!  Late Friday afternoon, we headed back for the Cities as Jay Pea was headed home from school for the weekend and Doodle and I had a date night planned.

We dropped LooHoo off at The Boss’s house so she could babysit for a couple of hours and then headed home for Doodle and me to change clothes and head back out to see Disney on Ice at the Target Center!  It was pretty incredible, and, as always, it was great fun to hang out with Doodle.

Saturday was a busy day for us – it started with a drive to Midas at 7:45 a.m. to drop off Jay Pea’s car; she’s had a power steering leak for a couple of months now so it was time to get that fixed.  We then headed back to a Tae Kwon Do Tournament for K-Cat and Doodle at 9 a.m.  Doodle got second place in form and third place in sparring while K-Cat got third in form – they compete in different classes for form but in the same class for sparring.

After that it was home to change and then out for a quick lunch at Chipotle on the way to church.  We spent the afternoon helping kids do final run-throughs on their lip syncs for that night.  Hubby and Jay Pea set the lights and sound while I coached kids on how to better use the whole stage – we have some really talented 5th and 6th graders at our church!  The show started at 6:00 that night, and we had about 100 people there!  It was pretty awesome to watch the six groups perform and to see all of their families and friends enjoying it and cheering them on.

When the festivities ended around 8 p.m., we cleaned up and headed home.  LooHoo and I picked up dinner at Wendy’s and then we started getting everyone tucked into bed.  K-Cat started complaining that she couldn’t catch her breath and that her chest hurt.  Her breathing was very shallow; of course, I assumed that she just wanted to stay up a little longer, so I had her come sit upstairs with me for a few minutes.  Well, long story short, she didn’t get better; I called the Nurse Line who advised me to take her to the hospital as she was starting to get dizzy and her chest was hurting more.  Three hours later, after an EKG, a chest X-ray, and oxygen, we learned that she likely had some inflammation in her ribcage from all of the exertion that day (sparring and lip syncing) and that the pain from that had caused her to feel like she couldn’t breathe.  The shallow breathing led to hyperventilating which caused the headache, dizziness and further chest pain.  They gave her a big dose of Ibuprofen, let her sleep for a little bit and then sent us home with instructions to see her doctor if it got worse…  she’s had no further symptoms!

Whew!  What a way to end a Saturday!  Sunday morning, we got up and spent a couple of hours hanging out at home with Jay Pea before picking up her car at the auto shop (new power steering pump and pressure hoses installed) and sending her on her way back to school.  K-Cat, LooHoo, Doodle, and I then spent about three hours at the library working on a research paper for Doodle for school – the history of video games – quite interesting!

Hubby made a yummy Mexican chicken casserole, bread sticks, and peas for dinner – YUM!!!  Finally, last night, LooHoo and I took Doodle to Foundations at church and then headed out to Target so she could do some last-minute shopping before her upcoming trip to visit family in Arizona!  She got several fun gifts for her cousins and some snacks for the journey.  We stopped for coffee and then picked up Doodle and headed home to call it a night.

Tonight was a late night at work; Hubby had to take the girls to Tae Kwon Do as I got in very late.  I have been working on email and various projects tonight.  Now, it’s time to head down and get everyone tucked into bed and then back to work for another hour or so before the night is over – early day at work again tomorrow!


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