A New Goal…

I’ve been inspired!  Maybe it was all this talk of running a Tough Mudder, but I’ve found a kinder, gentler run that I’m definitely going to try.  I have to register today.  I’ve convinced LooHoo to do it with me.  I need to reach out to Jay Pea and my Bingo Buddy GF and see if anyone else is interested.  It’s called the Color Run – you can Google it to see some really good videos of what it’s like, but, basically, it’s a 5K that you run wearing a white t-shirt and every K people through colored corn starch at you so that when you are finished, you are covered with bright colors – doesn’t that sound fun??  If you think so and want to run with us, let me know; I’ll send you the info!

It’s in July so we’ve got plenty of time to work up to a 5K which is a little over 3 miles.  That turns out to be really good news because LooHoo and I tried running at the gym last night and we can barely run a half a mile right now – we were able to run/walk for two so there’s definitely hope!

Hubby made Kirkland pepperoni pizza for dinner last night (I’ll try to get back to pictures soon); it was a Tae Kwon Do night so there were only a few minutes to eat by the time I got home from work before we had to head back out the door.

K-Cat got kicked pretty hard during sparing – this sport definitely makes them tough; there were a lot fewer tears this time!  Now if she can just learn to be a little more aggressive…  After Tae Kwon Do, K-Cat and Doodle tried out the stationary bike and the elliptical in the gym for about ten minutes then we headed home to discover that I’d lost the track ball for my mouse while at the gym!  LooHoo, Doodle and I went back out to find it and then stopped for some shopping and Taco Bell on the way back home.

Our night ended with a late bedtime for the girls and an even later bedtime for me!


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