February in Review…

So, I’ll just be right up front with this – I don’t have a good excuse for not writing in over four weeks!  I have not been out of the country or laid up with some rare and exotic illness.  I have not been lost on a tropical island without an Internet connection or engaged in a government research project which has kept me away from human contact.  Nope, I’ve just been lazy about blogging – well, some nights I really have been busy right up until the moment I fell into bed exhausted, but, mostly, I’ve just been slacking…

With that, I’ll give a quick update of this past month and then promise to be more diligent to not let more than a week slip by without an update…

The end of January was spent mostly catching up on being on vacation the middle of the month.  We kicked off a mentor program at work and, in addition to taking on a mentee, I officially began supporting another account.  This one is in Austin, MN.

On February 28, we went to see a local homeschool drama performance as the girls were considering this as an extracurricular activity since they are not doing choir at church this spring.  I think, for now, they are not going to take this on, however.

We continued with Awana quizzing practice on Sunday afternoons and a final Bonus Night on Friday, February 10.  All of the kids’ hard work culminated with the Awana Quizzing event on Saturday, February 11.  K-Cat’s team took first place for her book level!

The last week of January I spent Monday through Wednesday in Austin learning about my new role with this team.  On Tuesday night, I got to sing karaoke at the hotel restaurant!  Other than that, my time down there was spent working, watching TV, and eating dinner alone – hoping to not spend too many nights down there!

Wednesdays have continued to be Awana and BW3 without exception – it’s nice to know that there are some days that are pretty routine.  My Bingo Buddy GF won the jackpot a couple of weeks ago.  It was up to $300!

Mondays and Thursdays have been Tae Kwon Do and working out with my Bingo Buddy GF.  I’m definitely thankful that she is there; it would be way too easy to not go if I were trying to do this consistently on my own.  I did skip working out on the 13th as I wasn’t feeling well and on the 20th as I had to head to Austin unexpectedly to beat a snow storm into town.

On Friday, February 3, we had an Awana Bonus Night at Grace and then Doodle had a friend sleepover (I’ll call her Dancer) so they could begin to practice for the 5th & 6th Grade Lip Sync contest that is coming up soon.  It was fun to watch the girls put together a dance routine all by themselves!

The next day, we headed north to meet Jay Pea and Boyfriend in Hinckley for dinner.  LooHoo went back to Superior with them and got to spend a few days up there living in the dorms, going to a hockey game, and hanging out with her sister.

On Monday, February 6, I went back to the dentist for a filling – YUCK!  It is only my fourth ever, and it really wasn’t that bad.  The worst part was that I couldn’t eat anything crunchy or sticky for the next 24 hours.

On Tuesday, LooHoo came home and I got to go on a date with Hubby.  Thursday, I was back in Austin but just for the day.  The Boss and his family came over for dinner that night and it was great to get to spend time getting to know them better.

On Sunday, February 12, Doodle and I finally finished editing the movie that she and her friends filmed over Labor Day weekend at the Grace Retreat Center.  We immediately began planning her movie premier event for that next Friday night.  K-Cat and I took Doodle to Foundations class that night and then went on a date – dessert at Cold Stone then dinner at Jimmy John’s, then shopping at Target!  Great fun!

Valentine’s Day was Tuesday, February 14.  Hubby and I went out for breakfast to avoid the dinner out crowds.  Hubby and Doodle went on their date that night and saw the re-release of the Star Wars movie – Phantom Menace?  I took LooHoo and K-Cat to the library to work on a school paper with K-Cat.

I was back in Austin on Thursday and Friday that week, but only during the day.  Friday night was Doodle’s movie premier with the Bingo Buddy family and True Belieber.  Jewel and True Belieber stayed overnight after the premier.

The next morning we set out to Superior again.  This time to spend the night hanging out with Jay Pea.  We went to a hockey game with her and Boyfriend.  Our team lost, but it was a lot of fun anyway.  We went to the school café for dinner and then over to the hotel to play in the pool.  Later that night, we met Boyfriend at Applebee’s for late night appetizers and then dropped Jay Pea back at the dorms with K-Cat and Doodle in tow.

We picked them up the next morning for breakfast at the hotel and then went out to try out a new church in the area before heading back home.

Monday, February 20, was a holiday at work so LooHoo and I went on a date to do Rollerdome at the Metrodome – they rent inline skates and you skate around the circular hallway of the Metrodome downtown.  It was a lot of fun, and we actually lasted almost an hour!  We couldn’t stay longer if we’d have wanted to as I had to get back home to pack and head south for Austin.  There was a snow storm coming in overnight and I needed to be there Tuesday for meetings.  I just barely beat the snow into town!

That night, Hubby called to tell me that he found the iPod!  K-Cat had lost it somewhere in the house nearly four weeks earlier and we’d been turning the house inside out looking for it.  It was jammed inside the recliner next to a piece of the metal that moves the foot rest!

I came home Tuesday night and Hubby and I went out to see War Horse at the Hopkins Theater.  It was a pretty good movie.  Some parts were really hard to watch, but I’m glad we got to see it at the theater.

Wednesday morning, I took K-Cat to the eye doctor.  She has been getting headaches for about a month whenever she is reading a book on doing school on the computer.  Turns out she needs reading glasses.  We finally got those ordered on Saturday afternoon this weekend.  Friday, I went to the eye doctor for me – just a regular, routine check-up.  I still have 20/20 vision and the “lag of compensation” that I have (takes my eyes a long time to adjust from close up work to being able to see distance again) is caused because I do too much close-up work with no breaks!

Friday night, LooHoo went to Dare2Share at Grace with several of her friends.  K-Cat and Doodle went to the Bingo Buddies house for a sleepover.  I picked LooHoo and a couple of her friends up after the event for a sleepover at our house – we’ll call them Team Peeta and Team Gale (yes, almost everyone I know is reading Hunger Games!).

Saturday morning, we drove the girls back to Dare2Share and then Hubby and I headed out to a Faith@Home conference in Bloomington with the Grace Children’s Ministry staff.  The ½-day event was a lot of fun, full of inspiration and pretty convicting – just a reminder that when I get busy it can be very easy to squeeze out the most important things to make way for the things that keep us busiest!

We had lunch at Cracker Barrel with the Bingo Buddies then headed home to pick up K-Cat and Doodle and go shopping.  While at Southdale Center ordering K-Cat’s glasses, we found ourselves in the middle of a Tebow Flash Mob!  It was really very cool to see one in real life.  Doodle got video of it and we’ve been sharing it with everyone.

Whew!  That brings us to today.  We went to church this morning; K-Cat got sick during the service (luckily she knew she was going to be sick so she and I made it out of the sanctuary!).  She was feeling much better after that so we went to Costco for some lunch and grocery shopping and, of course, sample tasting!  K-Cat got sick again and we decided it was time to get her home.  Doodle and I spent the afternoon working on a school paper for her American History class which took most of the day.  Hubby took Doodle to Foundations tonight and the other girls and I stayed home to get ready to face the busy week ahead of us!

It’s good to be back in touch!


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