Define “Fun”…

Sometimes the hardest part about writing is just figuring out what to say first!  I’ll start with an update on bingo last night…  YEP YEP YEP!!  We (our table) won three of the four rounds; personally, Hubby and I didn’t win at all, but since the Norwegians won the wing party, it’s almost like we won…  kinda!

So, after getting home late, I slept in a few extra minutes this morning before heading off to work again.  Got home tonight and started daydreaming with Hubby about our next vacation – didn’t we just get home from a vacation??  The thing is, with Hubby’s job, late winter and early spring are really the only times when he can take big blocks of time off of work.  So, we try to make it a point to take our big vacations early in the year.  Me?  I am celebrating the start of my 10th year with my company which means I now get FOUR weeks of vacation every year…  woo hoo – bring on the beach!!

Hubby made cheeseburger macaroni and peas tonight – a nice quick meal as it was Tae Kwon Do night which means eating fast and running out the door.  I met my Bingo Buddy GF and walked at the gym while the girls practiced (another six miles on the elliptical) – goodbye cheeseburger mac calories!

My Bingo Buddy GF is celebrating a milestone birthday in a couple of years and has decided that she wants to do an extreme “fun” run before that day.  Always one to seriously consider a challenge (especially one that would give me some bragging rights), I’m thinking about doing this with her and a couple of other ladies we know.  So, we’ve narrowed down our choices, and I was able to spend some time online tonight checking out the options.  When they say it’s a “race with 12 obstacles from hell” – what exactly do you think that means??

So, after Tae Kwon Do, it was home to tuck in the younger girls and then watch some TV with Hubby and LooHoo.  Another fast but fun day here at the Clever Monkey home!


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