The shortest post yet!

Some days are hardly worth writing about – not that it was a bad day; it was just a normal, run-of-the-mill Wednesday.  I got a lot done at work partly because I was able to work late before heading over to Awana.  We had a fun night at Awana; it’s really nice to have The Boss teaching every week so there is nothing for me to prepare ahead of time.  Funny how God works these things out – especially with the timing on my job change and the extra travel and other responsibilities I’ve taken on.

The girls and I left Awana as soon as it was over, swung through the drive-through at McDonald’s and came home to watch a little TV and hang out.  Oh, McDonald’s did give us an extra 10-piece nuggets tonight – lunch tomorrow!

So now it’s time to change out of the Awana uniform and head over to BW3 for another wing party and music bingo – wish me luck!


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