A very quick recap to catch-up

Okay, so it’s taken me a while to get my life organized again after vacation.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely NOT complaining – I’m just looking for an excuse for why I haven’t blogged since before leaving Florida!  Maybe it’s because my fingers have been frozen since I got back?  Sigh… if only I had a really good excuse…  Alright, enough wallowing; let’s catch up!

We flew home last Wednesday mid-morning, arriving in time to go to Awana Wednesday night!  Finally got Jay Pea on the road headed back to school after two attempts – she had to return once for her winter coat and then again for her laptop before finally getting to drive home!  From what I hear, she was definitely happy to be back at school with her friends by the time she finally got there.  As usual on Wednesday, dinner for the girls was McDonald’s.

After Awana, we headed over to BW3 for a late dinner of wings and music bingo – woo hoo!!  Our group won three of the four rounds, so it was definitely worth staying up late for…  Of course, we were thoroughly exhausted when we finally crawled into bed a little after midnight.

Thursday, everyone was back to work and school.  As usual, the re-entry was stressful and crazy, but vacation is definitely worth it!  K-Cat had her annual check-up that morning and Doodle went along to get her 12-year shots – lucky her, huh?  I can’t remember what we had for dinner that night, but the girls had Tae Kwon Do again afterwards so I met Bingo Buddy GF at the gym for a little much-needed time on the treadmill – wow, it’s been a long time since I was there!!  After that, it was back home to get the girls in bed and to work on the huge email backlog I’d accumulated while I was on vacation.

Friday morning took us back to the doctor’s office; this time for a sonogram of Doodle’s kidneys and bladder.  Based on conversations with the doc at her annual check-up at the first of the month – the one that uncovered the bladder infection – the doctor wanted to run some tests and possibly have Doodle see a specialist in the next few months for some issues she been having.  I’ll jump ahead a little in the recap here to let everyone know that all of her tests came back normal!  She’s doing just fine, but she will be seeing a urologist in a few weeks.

Friday night, Doodle and K-Cat had a Tae Kwon Do demo at an elementary school nearby.  I was working late and missed seeing the actual demo but got there in time to go to McDonald’s with them to celebrate afterwards.  They also had True Belieber sleep over which was a huge treat as we don’t see her nearly as often as we’d like to.

Saturday, we met Nana and Grandpa halfway between their house and ours to get our puppy back!  It was nice to see them for lunch; although I’m not sure that Jasmine was ready to leave there house – I hear they have really good treats there and that the dogs get hand-fed at times!  I think she’s adjusting to living at our house again and having to share meals with the cats…  That night, the Bingo Buddies came over for tacos and the kids spent the evening catching up with each other and playing.

Sunday took us back to church – it’s always nice to get back after missing a couple of weeks!  Definitely makes it feel like we’ve come home.  Awana Quizzing practice started this week which means we were at church until about 2 p.m.  It’s a very short practice season, but it is so much fun to see the kids go from nervous and unsure to confident and ready to compete!  Dinner that night was leftovers and Bingo Buddies’ oldest daughter (let’s call her Jewel) spent the night as the girls had no school Monday – end of the semester!  I spent most of the night and into the early morning finishing up the bulk of my vacation catch-up from work.

Monday, Hubby made turkey and noodles for dinner, and we were back at Tae Kwon Do and back in the gym.  This time on the elliptical which made it VERY clear to me that I haven’t been in the gym enough in the last few weeks!  I did go over six miles in an hour – definitely good progress, but my knees were not happy with me afterwards.  Did I mention I might be getting older?

So, here it is Tuesday night – a week post-vacation.  Doodle had another visit to the doctor; turns out she has an ear infection so more antibiotics here.  Hubby and I went to a membership class at church tonight.  We figured after four years of attending, we should probably go ahead and join the church.  The girls had leftovers at home for dinner, and, as it was date night, Hubby and I had Wendy’s on our way to class and then went to Perkins for coffee and dessert afterwards.

So, that’s the quick overview…  hopefully I’ll get back into the habit of writing regularly again – it’s a little harder to write about everyday life than it is to write about a big exciting vacation, but I suppose each day has something worth sharing if I take the time to get it written down – I guess we’ll see!


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