We Found Nemo!!

It is after midnight here, and we are just getting back to our timeshare now.  It’s been another very full day.  We slept in until around 10 a.m. and then, after cleaning up a little and getting dressed, we headed out for an early lunch at Checkers.  For those of our friends in Ohio, it’s a lot like Rally’s; actually, it’s pretty much exactly the same as Rally’s.  Jay Pea and LooHoo split a cheeseburger and chili cheese fries; Hubby had Buffalo wings.  I had a fish sandwich, and Doodle and K-Cat had hot dogs (one with chili and cheese and one with just cheese – K-Cat doesn’t like chili).

After eating, we wandered around a neighborhood amusement park called Old Town and another one we discovered right next to that one called Fun Spot (I think).  They were very cute; Old Town seemed a little sketchier than Fun Spot as far as ride safety, and Fun Spot had an amazing go cart racetrack – reminded us of our vacations in The Dells!  So Fun Spot would have been our choice if we were actually riding anything, but we didn’t stay there too long as we had Disney tickets to use!

We made a quick trip back to the timeshare to pick up hair binders (a necessity with five females with long hair) and Doodle’s pin lanyard which she had forgotten to bring.  From there, we were finally off to Magic Kingdom for our third visit there!  We were focused strictly on “non-thrill” rides again, which was a good thing because the wait for the thrill rides was averaging 80 to 110 minutes (according to the iPhone app we’ve been using to check those things)!

We rode the train all the way around the park and then meandered up Main Street stopping to watch a glass blowing demonstration and trade some pins before making our way to Adventureland.  There we hiked through Swiss Family Treehouse, quizzing Doodle on the story as she’s the only one of us who’s read the book.  We might need to rent that movie soon.

After that, we went to the Tiki Room to watch “the birds sing words and the flowers croon…” and then headed to my all-time favorite Disney attraction – Country Bear Jamboree.  I always appreciate that my family sits through that one with me on every trip out here because I know for a fact that they can “bearly” stand it!  Of course, K-Cat did ask me to stop quoting the entire show about 2 minutes into it.  Sigh!

As we were planning to close the park down tonight, we decided that it might be a good idea to take Hubby back to the timeshare for a nap instead of staying in the park all day.  The break was also a good excuse for the rest of us to play in the pool and hot tub for about an hour.  There was a magician at the pool who was making balloon creations – he made the girls a Little Mermaid, a Tigger, a Dalmatian, and a dolphin.  They were actually pretty impressive.  When the sun headed down around 5:30, it started to get very chilly!  So, by 6 p.m. we were back in the room and changing to go to dinner.

Dinner tonight was at Longhorn Steakhouse.  The Skyline Dealers will be glad to hear that we introduced the girls to Western Chili Cheese Fries and everyone loved them!  Hubby and LooHoo split a steak; Jay Pea and I split parmesan chicken.  Doodle had mac & cheese, and K-Cat had a cheeseburger (are you sensing a theme with them?).

After dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom taking the monorail across the lake as it was too cold to be on the ferry.  We got to the park right as the fireworks were ending and just in time to see the second showing of the castle being turned into different amazing things – Memories and You?  It’s really worth seeing, but I don’t remember the actual name of it.

We stopped to trade pins with a cast member who pulled us aside on the road and started pulling tons of pins out of his pocket.  He put them upside down in his hand in two piles so we couldn’t see what they were and then asked K-Cat to pick which pile she wanted to trade from.  She was a little overwhelmed but finally picked one, and he turned those pins over for trading.  Yes, we’d actually been trading when we were at the park earlier today, but this was the first time someone made a game out of it!  I love when cast members actually like their job.

When the castle show was over, the street filled with carts full of light-up toys.  Hubby had promised the girls at the beginning of the trip that he would buy them some light-up toy on a night when we stayed late.  This was the night!  LooHoo, Doodle, and K-Cat now are all proud owners of light up swords with light-up crystals on the end.  We then found our way to a good viewing spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade.  As the crowd had thinned out considerably, we were able to have front-row seats right on the street by the rope!

After the parade, it was time to “ride” again.  We went to Hall of Presidents and then headed for the Haunted Mansion.  From there it was into Fantasyland for a ride on It’s a Small World and a seat in Philharmagic.  That capped off our rides for the night as it was already 11:30 and everyone was getting cold.  We headed for the main gate to catch the monorail back to our car but stopped briefly at the pin cart to see what pins were available (of course!).

The stop led to a conversation with a cast member who offered to teach us all how to do the Disney Parade March Step!  So, while Hubby stood by watching and LooHoo took pictures, the rest of us learned how to march like a Disney cast member.  I highly recommend taking the time to talk to the cast members when visiting the Disney Parks – they have definitely made our trip even more memorable!

Yes, we did a lot more pin trading today too, and we even made our first trade with a non-cast member!  Let me start this story by saying that for the past several days we have been desperately searching for a Nemo pin.  We’ve been scanning cast member lanyards, asking them if they had any hidden pins, and generally begging for a tip on where we could trade for a Nemo pin.  So, while we were embarrassing ourselves on Disney Main Street learning to march in a parade, another family stopped to ask our “instructor” if they could see his pins.  Jay Pea and I noticed that the boy had a Nemo pin!  We both gasped and whispered (pretty loudly, I’m sure), “He has Nemo!”  The mom noticed!

The boy didn’t see any cast member pins that he wanted, but as they walked away the mom said something to him to the effect that we might want to trade with him!  Luckily for us, as she did this, she made eye-contact with me and, with no hesitation, Jay Pea and I pounced!  Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic, but we might have scared him just a little at first as we excitedly offered to trade any pin off any of our lanyards for the Nemo pin that, as his mom reported, he had been looking to trade away!

I can’t really explain how happy Jay Pea was to have found Nemo!  We did run into the boy and his mom again later as we were getting on the monorail, and he was happy to see that Jay Pea had the Nemo pin on her lanyard as he had traded for one of my pins, and, again as him mom shared with us, he was a little worried that Jay Pea wouldn’t get the pin.  What a truly magical way to end a day at Magic Kingdom!

So, a quick recap of the pins on my lanyard tonight and then I’m off to bed:  Mickey Mouse nutcracker, Ariel teacup, Mickey Mouse coffee cup (I think I have to keep that one – I really, really like it!), Minnie Mouse coffee cup, Cinderella teacup, Mt. Everest Fast Pass, Mickey and gang on the monorail, Fozzie Bear, Wendy (from Peter Pan), a World Showcase marker, and one of Donald Duck’s nephews.  Now, it’s definitely time for bed…  it’s after 1 a.m. here!  I am grateful again that tomorrow is another sleeping in day – probably the last for some time, but I do know that Jay Pea will sleep better tonight knowing that we found Nemo!


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