Coming down to the end…

The heat was back today and everyone is a little pinker!  We started out late again (I love these days!) which means that we all got to hang out poolside again this morning.  It was a little chilly at first, but by 11 a.m. the sun was nice and warm, and it was actually hard to get up from my lounge chair to head back to Disney.  But, of course, we did!

We went to Golden Corral again today for lunch buffet and ate way too much.  We then headed for Downtown Disney for some last minute souvenir and gift shopping.  Then it was off to EPCOT.  As this was our third and final visit there, we focused on the World Showcase only (and, of course, pin trading)! Tonight, you will notice in the pic that there are a lot less pins.  As we are getting closer to the end of the trip, I’ve found some keepers and have taken them out of circulation!  We bought a pin traders’ book to keep everyone’s pins in until the next trip so now we are getting serious about which ones we want to take home and which ones we want to trade.  Tonight, I have:  Genie, the Mickey coffee cup, Goofy in an old time car, Lighting McQueen, Sorcerer Mickey, Ham in a Goofy hat, and a Belle teacup.  Some of the ones we are keeping include a 2012 and a 2011 Mickey pin to commemorate this trip and the one Hubby made here with the girls last spring.

EPCOT is a favorite for me and Jay Pea; LooHoo tolerates it pretty well, but Hubby and the two younger girls get bored with it pretty easily.  Luckily, as you would expect, Disney has continued to get better about finding ways to make the World Showcase more entertaining and has created a Kim Possible Adventure that involves a cell phone with clues to mysteries in specific countries and fun things to “activate” as you solve the mysteries.  So, after watching the CircleVision movie in Canada and browsing through United Kingdom, we picked up a Kimmunicator (the Disney cell phone needed for the game) in France.  Hubby and the younger girls set off to solve a mystery and the older girls and I set about exploring France.

We met up soon and headed on around through Morocco and into Japan.  There was another mystery to solve there so the older girls and I set out to find sushi (California rolls) and Hubby and the younger girls set out to save EPCOT again!  We met up with them in America after a quick stroll back to Canada to look at a sweatshirt that Jay Pea was interested in buying.

We took time to watch the Tribute to America program which is part movie, part animatronic show with Ben Franklin and Mark Twain – I think I might be the only person in the family that enjoyed that show also…  When we came out of the theater, the sun had gone away and taken the warm weather with it.  We hurried on through the rest of the countries, barely noticing Italy, Germany, and China, but stopping at our favorite bakery in Norway for School Bread and a cookie.  From there, we scurried through Mexico and headed back to Canada so Jay Pea could get her sweatshirt (no, she didn’t buy it the first two times she saw it – she wanted to make sure she really wanted it first!).  It’s a really nice Calgary Flames sweater – now she has to pay more attention when Boyfriend talks about hockey!

We decided not to stick around for Illuminations as it was pretty chilly and some of us were in shorts.  Instead, we headed off to find dinner.  We discovered a Moe’s just outside of Downtown Disney – another favorite from our Ohio days!  Hubby had a JC with chicken (quesadilla); I had a Homewrecker with pork (burrito with guacamole).  Jay Pea had a Joey Bag O Donuts (burrito), and LooHoo had a…  hmm, I can’t remember the official name – I called it a JC with cheese only and the server corrected me.  I’m sure our Ohio friends could help me out here!  K-Cat and Doodle both had Mini Masterpieces (kid’s cheese quesadillas).  We also split a side of queso and chips.

With everyone stuffed to the gills, we decided it was time to head back to Disney Quest for what will likely be our last visit there.  We made and rode several virtual roller coasters, took a virtual river raft trip, and played old school racecar driving video games for about an hour.  As the Quest was closing at 10 p.m. it was soon time to head back to our timeshare.  We are facing an early day tomorrow as it is our last full day here in Florida so everyone headed for bed as soon as we got back!  Me?  Well, as usual, I had to catch up on some email and recap our day…  now it’s my turn to get some sleep too!


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