A Couple of Stars are Born?

Day Six – this was our second and last day at Hollywood Studios.  We opened and closed the park today, and we are even more exhausted than we were yesterday, if that’s possible.  We had a GREAT Friday the 13th (no mishaps on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!).

The park had just barely opened when we got there a little after 9 a.m.  We had planned to be there for the rope drop, but we left the resort ten minutes late and the service at Krispy Kreme (donuts for breakfast!) was really slow which put us another five minutes behind.  No worries, though; we were able to get our Toy Story Fast Passes and get in line to ride right away (which means we got to ride it twice today!).  I have to say, I did not expect to be impressed by Toy Story Mania.  I thought it would be more like the Buzz Lightyear ride, but I was very wrong!  It’s thoroughly addicting – no wonder there is always a long line!  The ride is like a video game that you get to be part of, and the technology behind the shooting actually works really well – you feel like you are hitting what you are actually aiming at!

The order of events for the rest of the day is a little blurry – we watched Little Mermaid the live performance and Lights, Camera, Action (the stunt show).  We went on the Backstage Tour, had pictures taken with Woody and Buzz, and rode Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster.  We danced in the street with strangers, found Minnie Mouse and Chip & Dale for more pictures, and traded more pins!  On that note, I am ending today with all new pins except one!  I now have:  Piglet, Sam the Eagle (Muppets), Figment portrait, Bambi, Mickey & Minnie hugging, an “I ‘heart’ Disney Pins” pin, Steamboat Willie, a Goofy cupcake, a Marie (Aristocats) cupcake, Eeyore, the MGM Disney water tower, and (the one that I’ve had since the beginning) the Jungle Cruise fast pass.  Yes, in case you were wondering, I decided (after learning that you can get just about any pin on eBay) that I would rather continue to trade and have new pins every night than to try to collect and save specific sets.

We rode Star Tours again as rumor on the blogs is that there are about 50+ combinations of events possible on each ride.  When we rode it twice the other day, K-Cat and Doodle were each the “Rebel Spy” – the ride randomly picks one seat each time and puts that person’s picture on the front screen.  Today, it was a person in a completely different row.  The other day, our two rides were exactly the same with the exception of the hologram that spoke to us – Yoda on the first ride and Admiral Ackbar on the second.  Today, the ride started the same but the ending was very different; we even got to see JarJar Binks this time!  We did get Yoda again as our hologram, but the new ending was much better and made the ride even more fun!

Today, we also took time to participate in two drawing classes in the Animation Studio.  We drew Goofy and Sorcerer Mickey; we all agreed that Hubby’s pictures turned out the best!  How has he kept this talent a secret for so long?  Doodle bought a “How to Draw Disney & Pixar Characters” book, and she and Hubby are planning to do some more sketching!

Speaking of Hubby, he got to be a walk-on star in one of the main street skits today.  If you haven’t been to Hollywood Studios, they have actors that perform in the street – little funny sketches usually around some old-time movie making theme.  This one was a director, his assistant, and a really bad actor trying to film the last scene of a movie.  The director picked Hubby out of the crowd to play the part of Biff Jerky, a really good action movie actor.  Hubby had to demonstrate how to walk onto a scene like a big, tough guy.  He was great – he’s always such a good sport and it helps that he doesn’t mind being in front of people in potentially embarrassing situations.  For his part, he earned a plastic gold cup trophy.  Yes, we have pictures to share of his Disney acting debut after we get home!

I’m pretty sure, however, that the girls’ favorite part of the day was being part of the American Idol Experience.  We went to one show in the afternoon and then went back for the final performance at the end of the night.  K-Cat was selected from the crowd to film a segment cheering on one of the final contestants – she had to say, “Clay, you are my American Idol” and then blow a kiss.  She LOVED it and did really well.  Because she was selected, our family got to go into the theater first and had special seats so that they could show K-Cat on the screen during the show after they played her clip.  The contestant that she was filmed cheering for actually won the competition so it was that much more fun for everyone!

For lunch we all split a couple chili dogs, two pulled pork sandwiches, mac & cheese, a turkey sandwich, and a chili salad that was a lot like a taco salad.  We waited to have dinner until we left the park around 8 p.m. when we stopped by McDonald’s on the way back to the resort.  They have Chicken Bites down here so we tried those (a lot like popcorn chicken – not bad, but probably not worth having again).  LooHoo ordered the Chicken Bites, and everyone else had cheeseburgers with the exception of Doodle who had chicken nuggets.

We had noticed a 7-Eleven near our resort a couple days ago so we decided to stop there on the way back to our timeshare.  Jay Pea got a Big Gulp Icee to share and an ice cream sandwich.  LooHoo had chips and dip and Doodle had a slice of pizza.  The rest of us also had ice cream.  When we finally made it back to our timeshare, LooHoo and I headed down to the lobby do work on some school with a more reliable wireless Internet connection.  We have wireless in the room, but it drops periodically.  LooHoo needed to check her school email, turn in an English assignment, and take a Spanish test so we needed a good connection.  Another reason I’m grateful we do online charter school – we can do it while we’re on vacation and no one falls behind!

We got back to the room around 10:30 p.m. to find that everyone was ready to go to bed!  LooHoo has been sitting up keeping me company while I write this, but everyone else is safe and sound in bed with visions of Mickey Mouse dancing in their heads!  I definitely hear my bed calling me!  The park we are visiting tomorrow is open late so we are not heading out until after lunch – looking forward to sleeping in again!


One thought on “A Couple of Stars are Born?

  1. We ate dinner at “your” McDonald’s last night. They have chicken bites, just so you know. Hope you are soaking in all the sunshine and warmth!!!!

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