Shopping and More Magic…

Sleeping in went very well this morning – I don’t even know what time I actually got up!  I spent the morning catching up on some email and watching TV with the girls.  After Hubby got up and everyone had cycled through the shower, we were off to lunch at Cici’s!  For many years, Cici’s was a big time family favorite – now it’s more for reminiscing than for actually enjoying… although the cheeseburger pizza and macaroni and cheese pizza are still big hits with several of us.

After lunch, we made our way to Downtown Disney and Disney Quest.  Everyone had a great time playing virtual reality video games.  Hubby was the first to get sick after riding a virtual roller coaster that he and Jay Pea designed and following that up with a river raft ride!  LooHoo and I went down next although she recovered pretty quickly!  The magic carpet ride did me in…

From there, we wandered across Pleasure Island and over to the World of Disney store for some more pin trading and a little shopping.  K-Cat bought a pirate sword, and we then caught the water taxi back to our side of Downtown Disney and headed for Magic Kingdom.  We did make a quick detour to Target for new shoes for Doodle.  She had pretty much walked through the heel of her flip flops!

It was rainy and cloudy most of the day here which means that there was no crowd at Magic Kingdom by the time we got there around 6 p.m.  The girls headed off to Space Mountain and Hubby and I took a ride on the train around the park – this has always been a favorite activity for us at the Disney parks.

LooHoo managed one go round on the Space Mountain before texting us that she was feeling sick and would be sitting on a bench near the ride.  Hubby and I made our way to Tomorrowland, found LooHoo, and, as she was feeling some better, she and I rode Buzz Lightyear.  The other girls continued to ride Space Mountain several more times while Hubby sat on a bench waiting for them.  They all caught up with us on Buzz Lightyear and then Jay Pea and K-Cat decided to try Astro Orbiter (I’ve actually never ridden that one).

While they waited in line, Doodle and I decided we needed more pins to trade so we split another set of new pins and set out in search of cast members to trade with!  Doodle has quite a collection of Chip and Dale pins and K-Cat has all Minnie Mouse now.  Tonight, I have 13 pins – a Minnie Mouse head, a Daisy Duck, a Rabbit (from Pooh), a Mickey Mouse with a bobble head, Steamboat Willie, a Jungle Cruise Fast Pass (yeah, I don’t think I can trade this one – I’m definitely attached to it), a Donald Duck, a Tinker Bell, a Genie T-Shirt, a Figaro T-Shirt, and now a Huey T-Shirt (might be hard to trade these now that I have three), a Figment, and a small Mickey Mouse.  I might be addicted to this!

Once everyone was back together, we ran into a cast member who challenged us to find seven Hidden Mickeys in his store – it was a lot of fun, and he gave the girls a certificate when they were finished.  From there, we headed to Peter Pan’s Flight as there was no wait and we wanted to be in Fantasyland for the fireworks.  The timing was perfect as the fireworks started as soon as we got off of the ride and we were right in between the two launch areas!  It was pretty incredible…

We then made our way out of the park with the rest of the crowd and headed for…  yep, Chick-fil-A – this might be the last night for a couple of nights.  Believe it or not, I may have finally reached my full point for chicken sandwiches!

We got back to the timeshare around 9:30, and Hubby took LooHoo and K-Cat to the swimming pool while the rest of us changed into PJs and sat around lazily watching TV and catching up on email!  I love vacation!!


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