More Pins and More Memories…

EPCOT?  Check!  Day Three is coming to a close – we just finished Chick-fil-A (realized I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time) and everyone is getting ready for bed.  Jay Pea tried the chicken salad sandwich; everyone else had the regular sandwiches and nuggets (and waffle fries).

Today started early as we wanted to be at EPCOT when they opened to make sure we got to ride the big ones – Soarin’, Mission Space, and Test Track.  Hubby and LooHoo sat out Mission Space as they are both somewhat prone to motion sickness.

K-Cat decided this morning that she wanted to buy more pins to trade; so she and I split a pack of seven!  I now have more pins to trade every day (woo hoo!), and, I’m sure you’re dying to know which ones I ended up with tonight… well, wait no longer:  Jiminy Cricket, Tigger, Tinker Bell, a Jungle Cruise Fast Pass (yes, that one is from yesterday, but I really like it), Goofy as a pirate, Penny from Rescuers, Figaro T-Shirt (yes, also from yesterday, but now I have two T-Shirt pins), Genie T-Shirt, and Buff from Country Bear Jamboree.

Around 1 p.m., the temp was closing in on 80 degrees, and we headed out to get lunch at Golden Corral – you can’t beat their all-you-can eat lunch buffet!  When we were all sufficiently overstuffed, we took Hubby back to the time share for a nap and the girls and I headed back to Blizzard Beach.  It was a perfect day for lying by the wave pool and floating in the lazy river!

After a strawberry smoothie and a couple of hours of playing at the water park, we picked up Hubby and headed back to EPCOT for a few more rides and character visits!  We saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck and rode Soarin’ (again), Finding Nemo, and Spaceship Earth.  It really is nice to not feel like we have to rush through everything.  It was a beautiful night here again so we parked at Magic Kingdom and rode the monorail to EPCOT – fun to see Disney at night from up high.

We skipped the firework show tonight as we wanted to get dinner on the way back home.  Good thing we left when we did because the Chick-fil-A lobby closed about two minutes before we got there!  Lucky for us though the drive-through was still willing to serve us even though they were technically closed also!

My legs are definitely starting to feel the effects of walking for the past three days, but I’m NOT complaining!  I am, however, looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning…  here’s to Disney magic in our dreams and no alarm clocks on vacation!


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