A Magical Day Two…

Vacation – Day Two – is now officially in the memory books…

We slept in a little this morning, had Peanut Butter Cheerios for breakfast – if you haven’t had them, I highly recommend them if you like peanut butter Captain Crunch!  They taste a lot like that, but, since they are Cheerios, you can convince yourself they are good for you!  We headed for Blizzard Beach at about 10 a.m. with a stop for Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way – we discovered yesterday that there is a Krispy Kreme just around the corner from our time share!

There weren’t very many people at the water park today – temps were in the low to mid-70s – perfect for this Minnesota family but a bit chilly for the natives and possibly people from a bit further south than us!  We play on the water slides, wave pool, and lazy river for almost three hours before heading out for lunch and to change clothes before going to Disney.

On the way home, we had a quick stop at Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Doodle – we had an urgent message from her doctor this morning that a routine test she had during her physical on Thursday afternoon showed that she has another bladder infection (ugh!)… I am thankful tonight for good insurance and for a network of pharmacies that allowed us to pick up her meds here in Florida!  Not sure she is as thankful as I am as the meds taste pretty gross by her report.  The funny thing is she was as surprised as I was to learn that she had a bladder infection – no symptoms showing up yet; I suppose that is a blessing as well as a visit to urgent care down here later this week would not have been fun!

Lunch was Chick-Fila again – spicy chicken sandwich for me (very spicy!), chicken sandwiches for Hubby and Jay Pea, chicken nuggets for LooHoo and K-Cat, and waffle fries and ice “dream” for Doodle.  Then it was back to Disney and to Hubby’s favorite park – Magic Kingdom.

We took the ferry across the lake and made our way into the park in time to catch the end of a parade on Main Street.  We headed for Tomorrowland for Space Mountain fast passes and then hit some of our favorite spots on that side of the park – PeopleMover and the Laugh Floor.  We also did Stitch Escapes and remembered why we almost never do that ride – no one really likes that one!  From there it was over to Adventureland and Pirates of the Caribbean – one of everyone’s favorites.  Of course, we’ve never had to wait in line for Pirates and there was quite a long line today, but the ride did not disappoint and it was worth waiting for.

We also made it a point today to see Cinderella, Belle, Princess Aurora, Tinkerbell, and…hmm… another fairy whose name starts with an R (the pink one) – too bad the girls are already in bed or I’d confirm her name, but I think it’s Rosetta.  Anyway… we got lots of great pics and the girls got autographs.

We also did a lot more pin trading today.  Hubby even surprised me with a lanyard and pins of my own to trade – woo hoo!!  So, now I’m as crazy as the girls about looking for cast members to trade with!  My collection tonight includes a Jungle Cruise Fast Pass, a Figaro T-Shirt, a Tigger coffee cup, Henry (the Country Bear Jamboree MC), and a Mickey Mouse 2012 pin – I plan to trade them all tomorrow and take pictures everyday of the ones I end up with for the night!  I know, it’s goofy, but it is also a lot of fun to see all of the different pins!

Okay, back to the rides… after Pirates, we got fast passes for Jungle Cruise and then headed over to Space Mountain.  We stopped for dinner and to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade from a distance.  Jay Pea and I split a turkey sandwich, Hubby had a bacon cheeseburger, K-Cat had chicken nuggets, and LooHoo and Doodle split a chili cheese dog.  There were also plenty of plain fries and chili cheese fries to share.  K-Cat wanted to know if we could go to the all-you-can eat salad bar also – it took me a while to figure out that she meant the condiment station with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms, and the girls’ favorite – hot nacho cheese!  And, yes, we did go several times and K-Cat even made a salad – smart girl!

After dinner, we wandered into the crowd to watch the incredible nighttime magic castle show – I know there’s a real name for it, but I can’t remember that!  It was pretty amazing; they use lights and projectors to turn the castle into a gingerbread house, a pile of luggage, a rocket, and several other awesome effects!  They also show pictures taken throughout the day, and there was a picture of Hubby on the castle!  We stayed for fireworks and then headed over to the Jungle Ride.  Our last ride of the night was Splash Mountain – we convinced Doodle that we would only get a little wet so it was worth doing.  Well, “a little” was a significant understatement for some of us!  Good thing it was the last ride because it takes forever to dry in Florida!

So, tonight, we are exhausted, “a little” wet, and full of great memories.  The house is quiet as everyone headed straight to bed when we got home – I’ll put this online and then follow suit; another big day tomorrow!


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