Off to a Great Start!

I really want to skip right to the fun stuff, but I’ll go back and start where I left off…

Wednesday night, we were back at Awana and BW3.  It was a good night as our group won three of the four rounds of bingo including the wing party – nice job, Jay Pea!  Dinner that night was, of course, McDonald’s after Awana and wings at Buffalo Wild Wings during Bingo – as if I had to say that.

Thursday night, we had leftovers for dinner (trying to empty out the fridge) and then Doodle and I worked on her persuasive essay.  I then spent the rest of the night updating a client contact database for work and worrying about not having packed yet!

Friday night was Awana Bonus Night for the 5th & 6th Graders so dinner was pizza from Costco.  We got home around 9 p.m. and I finally had time to focus on packing!  Surprisingly, everyone was able to go to sleep eventually and we slept in until about 8:30 on Saturday morning.

FINALLY… the fun stuff!  The girls and I got up, had breakfast, and watched the very last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place (a Disney Channel show that’s been on for several years – we had recorded it from Friday night).  We couldn’t leave town without knowing who would be the Russo family wizard so I’m glad we were able to watch it before we headed for the airport!

The Godfather came by to pick us up a little before Noon, and our flight was on time!  That means that by 3 p.m., we were in the air and headed for Orlando!  The flight was pretty uneventful (which is always good); we got our rental car quickly and headed for our time share.

Dinner was Chick-Fila on the way to our new home for the next few nights – Hubby and I had chicken sandwiches and split a bowl of tortilla soup; LooHoo, Jay Pea, and K-Cat had chicken nuggets, and Doodle informed us that she does not like chicken from Chick-Fila so she ate waffle fries.  When we arrived, the resort was showing a movie poolside so we quickly unpacked and headed for the pool.  We didn’t stay for the whole movie though; there was grocery shopping to be done!

Back in our room, Doodle discovered broken glass on the floor in her room when she stepped on a tiny piece and started bleeding.  We called housekeeping and were told they would be by shortly to vacuum to make sure there was no more glass in the carpet. About 40 minutes later, I called housekeeping again and told them that they were welcome to come into the unit but that we were going out.

We headed for Walmart, along with several hundred other people in this area (who knew Walmart could be so packed at 10:00 at night?).  Anyway, an hour later we were back in the rental van and back to our resort with several bags of groceries.  We unpacked and got ready to head to bed when there was a knock on our door (remember, it is now about midnight!).  Well, turns out housekeeping was finally there to vacuum the floor… hmm – what if we’d have been in bed already? The good news is, they vacuumed and so the floor is now glass-free; the bad news is that it was VERY late by the time everyone went to bed!

Luckily, we had planned a late start this morning!  The girls and I got up and were lounging by the pool by 10 a.m.  The younger girls played in the water while the rest of us napped and read – sigh… vacation mode already kicking in!  Hubby came down around 11 a.m. and by a little after noon we were headed for Walt Disney World and Hollywood Studios!

The rest of the afternoon flew by – we rode rides and watched shows; dinner was at Planet Pizza – pizza and salads (no, Hubby did not eat salad).  We also got the girls started on Disney pin collecting!  They were slow to start trading, but by the end of the night, they wanted to stop at every cast member with pins to see if they could find the perfect pin to trade for! We are all looking forward to going back tomorrow to do it all again!


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