Homework for Homeschool?

Yesterday was a very long day… not in a bad way; it was just long.  I was up at 6:30 in the morning and didn’t get to bed until after 1 a.m.  Some days are like that, right?  I was at work most of the day and knew that the girls would need help with some English assignments when I got home.  Sometimes it surprises me how long those projects end up taking…

First, the fun stuff – it was date night with Hubby!  We went to Taco John’s (a favorite of mine but no one else’s!).  I had a taco burger; Hubby forced down a grilled taco and we split potato ole’s.  From there, we went to Best Buy to get a new camera lens for LooHoo’s camera – we’ll need that on our upcoming vacation!

Then it was home to help K-Cat write a Friendly Letter for her 3rd grade assignment.  That actually went very well and was pretty quick.  Unfortunately, while we were working on that, Hubby discovered that the paper Doodle wrote last week (a compare/contrast essay) was not the one she needed to turn in this Friday.  That meant that she and I had to start work on a persuasive essay last night as there is very little time left before it is due!  She picked her topic and figured out her primary arguments but will need to do some research today and work on her draft tomorrow night.

During all of this, LooHoo started working on a speech that she had to record for her English class.  In a not very surprising turn of events, it occurred to me again that my daughters are very much like me and have very high expectations of themselves!  LooHoo struggled through several practice runs and tried recording but ended up very frustrated.  Long story short – by a little after 10:00, she had successfully recorded two recitations of her speech, and we had enough footage to put together a video to submit to her teacher.  Of course, the editing took a while longer, but… by 1 a.m. we had edited and uploaded the video to YouTube!  Whew!

I’d say that I’m looking forward to no schoolwork tonight, but I have a feeling we’ll have to squeeze in at least a few minutes of it somewhere in order to meet all of our Friday deadlines – as, I’m sure many parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers will proclaim, I thought I was done writing papers for English classes when I graduated from high school (or at least when I finished all of those college classes!)…  guess I need to stay up on my grammar and formatting for another several years!


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