New Beginnings and Old Memories

Does everyone start the New Year feeling like they can conquer the world?  It’s that feeling of a brand new start.  I tend to shy away from “resolutions,” per se, because the word itself gets such a bad rap.  The fact is though that I do make them.  In fact, I spent yesterday reviewing our calendars, updating my Weight Watchers goals, revising work projects and schedules, changing some plans for Awana; I even finally finished K-Cat’s blanket that I’ve been crocheting for over a year!

We went to Dickey’s BBQ for lunch after church and then spent the afternoon hanging around the house.  There are still Christmas decorations up outside, but it was too cold with the strong winds yesterday to be out pulling lights off the house!  Hubby made pizza for dinner for the girls, and I had leftover spaghetti (a favorite!).  True Belieber spent the night so we didn’t see much of LooHoo, Doodle, or K-Cat all night; I hear they made some very cute movies in the basement while Jay Pea, Hubby and I caught up on some recorded television shows – is anyone else watching Once Upon A Time?

Today, my grandfather turns 99 – isn’t that amazing?  He is a great man in my eyes; not perfect in any way, but great none the less.  He gave me free reign of the wood scraps in his garage which always smelled like motor oil – I’m pretty sure he just wanted me to stay out of the way and hammering nails into wood actually kept me busy!  I remember him as being always busy whether he was fixing someone’s car or other motors or working in his garden.  He did play once in a while, mostly on the lake – he had a couple of boats, a camper and a cabin.  He loved to fish and I think he even liked to help me fish when I was willing to sit still and quiet long enough to actually catch something.  I’m pretty sure he loved to travel and see new things, and I know he liked lighting fireworks in the backyard in the summer!

He was born in 1913 in Kansas which means he was already 57 years old when I was born – that doesn’t seem that old now, but he always seemed old to me when I was growing up.  I remember being surprised that he was alive to see me graduate from high school and then being thrilled that he was alive to see me get married and then to have my first daughter.  Now, my first daughter is almost 20 years old, and he’s still alive.  It’s been really hard to watch him get older over the years; not so much in the getting older part, but in the changes that happen to him and what he knows of us.  Of course, he lives in Colorado which means he is very far away, and we don’t get to see him or spend time with him very often.  We are planning to head west this summer to celebrate his 100th birthday early with family; I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again then!  Happy Birthday, Grandpa M!


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