Happy New Year – 2012!

Happy New Year – here’s to amazing things in 2012!  The year started off just right with The Twin Cities finally getting some snow that stuck around until morning (and now late afternoon)!  It’s a chilly 23 degrees out right now (according to Weather Bug) – but I’m NOT complaining… we’ve been waiting a long time for winter to get here this year!

Thursday night, Hubby and I went to Jake’s for dinner with Mema & PawPaw; it was our turn for a date with them!  I had chicken enchiladas which were very good; Hubby had a BBQ Pizza, PawPaw had an Italian Sausage Pizza and Mema had a pulled pork sandwich.  After dinner, we went downtown to a show – Don’t Hug Me: A Christmas Carol.  It was very cute – some really hokey songs, but a fun show.  I am always surprised by the variety of theater available in Minneapolis.  Of course, I’ve read all of the things about how we have an incredible offering of theater venues and programs, but I am still surprised when I experience one of them first-hand.  Maybe I just need to get out more!

Friday, we said Good-bye to Mema & PawPaw before lunchtime; it was hard to see them go again.  Denver seems farther and farther away all the time!  It was great to have them visit, but, as always, the time goes much too quickly.  Friday night was leftovers for dinner and then Family Game Night which consisted mostly of Dance Central 2 and Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox!

We spent Saturday morning taking down Christmas decorations and reclaiming our house from the clutter that had taken over!  Boyfriend came over that afternoon and we watched home movies, played Xbox, and a friendly round of Disney Scene It – Boyfriend ALMOST took the winners title away from me, but I defended well at the end (well, that and a little luck and I maintained my status as all-time winner)!  Boyfriend and Jay Pea then headed out for the night.  Hubby made spaghetti for dinner before we headed over to the Bingo Buddies’ house with the rest of the girls for a New Year’s celebration.

We were joined there by several other families – The Norweigians, The True Beliebers, and The Parakeeters (yes, I know it’s not a word, but it’s a good name for this family with three parakeets!).  We spent the evening snacking on fondue, chips, and Christmas candies; playing a couple rounds of Catch Phrase; and toasting in the New Year before heading home a little after midnight to tuck everyone into bed.  It was great to ring in the New Year with good friends and family!


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