A Buffalo Wild Wings Triple Header

My Christmas present arrived yesterday and Hubby installed it before I got home!  I am now the proud owner of a new dishwasher!  The old one has been on its last leg for a long time – it’s funny how excited I am to run a load of dirty dishes in it today.

There was no Awana this Wednesday – we are off for Christmas break.  Hubby and I met with The Boss for lunch and to talk about a small change to our 5th & 6th Grade weekly schedule.  We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I had Naked Tenders and a salad.  The tenders were pretty good – not as good as traditional wings, but better than boneless, and a great alternative from a fat and calories standpoint.  The biggest thing for me is that The Boss is going to take over the teaching time each week; I’m so excited!  I enjoy teaching, but I really don’t have the extra time needed to prepare each week – especially now that my job responsibilities are changing, and I’ll be traveling more again.  No, not traveling far – no airplanes but a longer drive each week and some overnight stays farther from home.

After work, we took the girls to McDonald’s for dinner – it was nice to eat together in the restaurant again instead of swinging through the drive-through!  Everyone had the usual with the exception of the Holiday Pies that Hubby and I had for dessert.  If you haven’t had one, I definitely recommend them if you like custard.  They are kind of like a sugar cookie with cookie dough inside!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Wednesday without late night music bingo at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We had chips and salsa and Parmesan Garlic traditional wings.  I won a crate of sauces – all Parmesan Garlic, of course!  No one won the jackpot this week which means it goes up by $50 for next week… unfortunately, I won’t be there, but I’m already looking forward to hearing if any of our gang wins!

Last night Doodle and I went on a date – you’ll never guess where we went… yep, Buffalo Wild Wings!  Three meals in a row; you’d think I’d be tired of it, but I think I’m actually craving it for lunch again today.  Maybe I’ll use one of those sauces I won to make some at home!  It was fun to go out with Doodle.  We played Buzztime Trivia, had mini corn dogs, and, of course, ate Parmesan Garlic traditional wings.  After dinner, we went shopping for new dishes (the rest of my Christmas present this year).

The rest of our night was spent hanging out at home.  Hubby, LooHoo and I watched a Christmas movie from Netflix Online while the younger girls played together in the family room downstairs.  It’s definitely been a great couple of days, and we are excited about family coming tonight and tomorrow!


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