Date Night!!

Christmas shopping is officially done and we are ready for our company to get here!  JayPea comes home Friday night and Mema and PawPaw will be here Saturday evening… bring on the celebrating!

Hubby and I went to Applebee’s for dinner; we split the 2 for $20 deal (how can you go wrong there?) with boneless wings, chicken fettuccini carbonara, and fiesta lime chicken.  After that it was off to Walmart and Target to finish the little bit of shopping we had left.  It’s always a challenge getting the last few things, but we did it!  Sorry, can’t tell you what we got because you may be one of the people we were shopping for!

The rest of my night was spent helping LooHoo with English and Spanish and putting on new nails… I found that the dollar store has a GREAT selection of pre-painted nails in styles I can actually wear to work.  So, as usual, instead of just buying one or two styles, I bought TEN!  Now I have nails to last me for the next 20 weeks!  I’d post a picture, but the detail doesn’t show up well on the camera phone – maybe the next set will make it to the blog…

It’s getting late now – we were planning to watch an episode of a TV show that we’ve been trying to stay caught up on from Hulu but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen as we are fading fast…  maybe tomorrow night!


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