Christmas shopping

Yesterday, we braved the Mall of America – not really by choice, but it did remind me of why we stopped shopping there.  Mall of America is definitely more of an event than a shopping trip.  Doodle sang in the Best Buy rotunda (yep, the same place where Justin Bieber and hundreds of other superstars sang when they were here); the Grace children’s choir was part of the Holiday Music Celebration that is going on there all month.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to do some Christmas shopping while we were there.  The problem is that, if you have serious shopping to do and know what you want, MOA is perfect – all of the stores you could possibly need in one place; however, if you have no real idea what you want to get MOA quickly becomes overwhelming.  It’s like when you go to a restaurant that has too many pages in the menu!  Sometimes it’s okay to limit our choices…  that being said, LooHoo did get a small gift for K-Cat and I picked up some things from Santa’s list, but we soon found ourselves at our local Target to finish our shopping.

Before heading over to the mall (only the girls went), we had lunch with Hubby at Dickey’s BBQ – kids eat free on Sunday!  Then we dropped him off at home to watch football and take a nap.  If you’re familiar with MOA, you know it’s a good sign that it’s way too busy when you end up parking in Alaska!  Each level of the parking garage is named for a state in either the East or the West depending on which end you are parked on.  Alaska is the top level on the West side.

After watching Doodle and her friends sing for about 45 minutes, we stopped at Auntie Anne’s and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. for a couple of little snacks and a drink and then wandered around all three floors in a daze thinking that something would just jump out at us and scream to be bought to help close out our Christmas shopping list.  As I mentioned above, only LooHoo heard screaming!  An hour later we were back in the car and headed to Target!

Everyone finished their Christmas shopping there in about 40 minutes; we stopped at Taco Bell to pick up dinner and then headed home.  I then drove Doodle to class at church while Hubby and LooHoo worked on school that didn’t get done last week and K-Cat worked on crafts (decorating a messenger bag that she got for her birthday).  After picking Doodle up a little later and getting the younger girls tucked into bed, LooHoo and I worked on her To Do list for school this week before she headed off to bed.  I then spent a little too long catching up on work and didn’t get this blog posted last night…  so, here it is Monday morning, the blog is going up and the house is still quiet except for the ticking of a very loud clock on the wall telling me that it’s time to get to work!

Oh – and a quick update on puppy’s foot… her bandaging came off and the toenail has not started bleeding again…  we’ll keep a close eye on her, but maybe the worst is over!


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