Home again…

We’re home again and everyone is tucked safe and sound into their beds for the night.  It’s nearly midnight and I’ve finished my Saturday chores – updating budget files for work, paying bills, unpacking from our weekend trip to Frazee…  it will be good to crawl into bed soon!  On the other hand, it’s tempting to stay up and keep working – the house is quiet, the Christmas tree is lit, and I’ve just turned the thermostat back up to 70 (it automatically sets back to 60 around 11 p.m.) – I’ll need to remember to turn that down when I do head off to bed.

I slept in this morning – and not just a little bit… it was 10 a.m. when I finally rolled out of bed!  THAT almost never happens!  I got dressed quickly and helped Hubby re-bandage the puppy’s paw.  We were able to clip a little of the toenail off so hopefully that will help some – we’ll check it again in the morning.  After a quick call to a local vet, we decided to tape a sock onto her foot over the paper towels and just keep an eye on it until the nail grows out!  She has definitely gotten used to having the “cast” on and is getting around just fine!

Hubby and Grandpa made Rosettes while the girls and I cleaned and packed up all of our stuff.  We loaded the van and headed back to the Cities right before lunch – which ended up being a McDonald’s drive-through about halfway home.  One thing I like about Hubby being a bad passenger is that I can nap while he drives… so, in addition to sleeping in, I got about an hour-long nap this afternoon – ahhh… a life of leisure!

When we got home, it was time to unpack, get everyone showered and cleaned up, eat dinner and then head out to Friendship Church in Shakopee to see their annual Christmas program.  Hubby’s cousin, Purple, was in the show and so was the girls’ Tae Kwon Do Master.  Hubby made tacos for dinner, and, rumor has it, that he made extra so we have leftovers for this week – a family favorite!  The show was very good and there were free cookies and coffee at the end so there was definitely no complaining – except when the girls realized we wouldn’t be home until 10 p.m. and they’d have to head straight to bed!

So, we are now another day closer to Christmas Day, Jay Pee coming home, Mema and PawPaw coming to visit, Dave & Buster’s, New Year’s Eve, and our big family vacation in January…  but maybe I’ll just sit here a few minutes longer watching the Christmas lights so that it doesn’t all go by too quickly!


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