Poor Poor Puppy!

We’ve had a great day in Frazee, Minnesota, celebrating Christmas with Nana and Grandpa.  It was nice to take a day off from work to enjoy the season and family.

It’s always fun visiting up here because we make it a point to drive around Detroit Lakes, and, no matter how many times we’ve seen the places and heard the stories, Hubby loves to tell me and the girls about his years growing up here.  One thing about moving so many times is that the kids don’t really have a hometown, so I think they tend to think of Detroit Lakes as the place where they’re from even though they never lived here just because their dad is from here.  For me, Denver is probably the closest thing I have to a hometown – mostly because I lived there so many times and I can drive just about anywhere in the city and have a “remember when…” story to share.  But, I think I can relate to what my kids feel because growing up I felt like my mom’s hometown (Oberlin, KS) was where I was from…

Our day started with Belgian waffles, sausages, eggs, and, of course, coffee for some of us.  Then it was off to do some shopping – The Boys & Girls Club (a thrift store), County Market, L&M Fleet for a dog crate, and Walmart.  After a long morning of shopping, we stopped at Burger King – it’s Free Fry Friday up here!  I wonder if Burger King is doing that in other places??

Dinner tonight was ham, sweet potatoes, hash brown casserole, rolls, and baked beans – very , very delicious!  We watched a couple of movies this afternoon and evening – The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Help – both very good although not recommended for younger children… the language is a little rough.

On the downside, our puppy had a little accident this afternoon while she was outside playing with Nana and Grandpa’s puppies.  It looks like she’s split her toenail – the thing about toenails on dogs is that they bleed a lot when they are injured.  She’s not in any pain, but any time she walks on the toenail it splits again and starts bleeding!  So, we’ve had her foot wrapped up most of the night to keep her off of her foot – it’s working, but she really doesn’t like having a bunch of paper towels taped to her foot!  Of course, now it’s bedtime and she’s resting well here on the bed where she always sleeps…  maybe the nail will heal while she’s sleeping!


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