A WAY Overdue Post…

Somehow I’ve got to get back to writing more often – it’s much too hard to remember OVER a week’s worth of activities!

I do remember that the Tuesday before last Hubby and I went out on a date – dinner at Dickey’s BBQ and grocery shopping at Walmart! K-Cat and Doodle had play practice for the church Christmas’ musical and LooHoo stayed home and watched the Hallmark Channel which she has become slightly addicted to during this holiday season!

The next day I took her to the doctor’s office to check her persistent cough, and, of course, it turned out that she also had pneumonia! That meant we were given another prescription for antibiotics! That night was Awana and BW3. The Norwegians came – they won the big wing party – and the Fire Sis won the six wings… it was nice to have winners at our table again! We did have another new participant this time as we were joined by The Boss; it’s always fun to have new people join us and see all of the goofy rules and routines we’ve developed!

Thursday night I had the opportunity to be on stage again – something I haven’t done since I left Denver! It wasn’t a big production; just a little skit for the women’s Christmas Dessert at church. It was a lot of fun… I don’t remember what we had for dinner that night, but I do know the dessert was delicious – it was some kind of cross between a deep dish apple pie and a cake. I’m sure there’s a fancy name for it, but I forgot to ask!

Friday night was Awana Bonus Night for the 3rd & 4th graders; LooHoo slept over at the True Beliebers’ house and Doodle went to a 5th & 6th Grade Girls event at church. They watched the first part of the Anne of Green Gables movie – I actually got to sneak in and watch the middle of the movie with the girls while helping them to paint fingernails… another reason I love being a girl!

Saturday morning K-Cat and Doodle tested for their next level belts in Tae Kwon Do. They got to perform as part of Demo Team for the first time and did really well breaking boards! After testing, we picked LooHoo up from her sleepover and went to Jason’s Deli for lunch. Hubby and LooHoo had giant spuds – a Plain Jane for LooHoo and a Mexican one for Hubby (can’t remember the actual name now!). The two younger girls had Mac & Cheese (no surprise!) and I had the salad bar. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home – and, unfortunately, I can’t remember what Hubby made for dinner that night, but I’m sure it was wonderful!

Sunday was a busy day as K-Cat and Doodle were part of the children’s Christmas musical at church which meant we had only a couple of hours after church before everyone had to be back to get ready for the performance. That night we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate K-Cat’s birthday with friends. The Bingo Buddies and their family and the True Belieber and her mom came with us – it was great fun to hang out and let all of the kids run crazy with tokens!

Monday night was back to our normal routine – Tae Kwon Do fun night for the girls and walking with my Bingo Buddy GF for me. K-Cat and I worked on her poetry lessons that night before bed. I’ll try to get a couple of her poems up on the school blog – she’s a pretty good poet.

This past Tuesday night, we had dinner at Wendy’s on our way to the girls’ Tae Kwon Do Holiday Party and Belt Ceremony. We all had the regular – this is why I love fast food restaurants – there’s not a lot of thinking involved for us… I had chili; Hubby, LooHoo and K-Cat all had cheeseburgers off of the value menu, and Doodle had chicken nuggets. The party was a lot of fun – both girls earned their Brown belts (they are now only two ranks away from Black belts!). They also got their Demo Team patches for on their uniforms and K-Cat won a stocking cap as a door prize!

Yesterday was our last Awana until after the first of the year – we had a big Christmas party during club. Then it was off to McDonald’s and BW3. Our table won a couple rounds this week while enjoying the wing party that the Norwegian won the week before. No one won the big money jackpot so that is still up for grabs next week!

Tonight we are at Nana and Grandpa’s to celebrate Christmas – dinner was an incredible buffet of many family favorites – shrimp, chicken, krumcaka (no idea how to actually spell that), potato skins, and lots of cookies! We watched The Santa Clause and then chased everyone off to bed… looking forward to more holiday fun tomorrow…


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